Sealed Air Extends Line of RF-Based Data Loggers

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Sealed Air Corp. (Elmwood Park, NJ) has launched a new extended sensor tag format, the T-700E, for use in its tag style in its line of TurboTag battery-assisted RF-enabled data loggers.

As with other TurboTag versions styles, certificates of calibration for the T 700E tags are downloadable in PDF format from an indexed data base. The T 700 E is also third party-validated as conforming with 21 CFR Part 11 data security and data integrity standards, says Ray Patrick, director of business development, Sealed Air Corp.

All TurboTag data loggers styles support non-contact reading. When loggers are placed inside to track product temperatures, shippers don’t have to be opened to download the data.

“All of our tags can be read through non-metallic insulation up to about three inches thick. The T 700 E is designed for use with large containers where the external sensor extends the effective read range or with any container using dry ice refrigerant, where extreme temperatures will disrupt battery performance,” Patrick says.

TurboTags use 1.5 volt printed batteries from Blue Spark Technologies (Cleveland, OH). Eco-friendly, the on-board batteries enable a credit-card sized, affordable form factor for the TurboTags. TurboTag cost-effectiveness is addressed by the loggers’ mode of operation, as the batteries in the semi-passive tags are switched on and off to conserve power when activated and deactivated.

In a started tag, the battery powers the data logging. “The battery is only active when you are in logging mode, so you are consuming power incrementally. With our semi-active tag design, battery life can be specified for 12 months of unlimited re-use in typical transit monitoring applications or up to six months of continuous logging,” Patrick says.

Tags are configured with parameters such as recording interval and temperature alarm levels, started and read using Session Manager software and a companion 13.56 MHz DR-1 reader in the desk top environment. The optional handheld TagMate QC device may also be used to remotely start and read the tags.

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