Scholarships Help Future Engineers


Medical packaging studies just got another boost. For the second consecutive year, DuPont Medical Packaging (Wilmington, DE) is sponsoring scholarships at several universities. Scholarships were awarded to Clemson University (Clemson, SC), Michigan State University (MSU; East Lansing, MI), Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT; Rochester, NY), and University of Wisconsin–Stout (Menomonie, WI). Each institution received a $5,000 donation to create a scholarship for packaging engineering students. Through these scholarships, DuPont hopes to encourage the interest and further the education of the next generation of packaging engineers.

In support of its growing master's program in packaging science, Clemson used scholarship funds from 2001 to create a graduate fellowship, called the DuPont Medical Packaging Fellowship. The department will use this year's funds to again award a graduate fellowship to a student with an ongoing interest in the field of medical packaging.

"Our masters of science program in packaging science is in its third successful year with most of our first group of candidates receiving their degrees this summer," said Robert Kimmel, associate professor of packaging science at Clemson University. "We appreciate the continuing commitment of DuPont, through the DuPont Medical Packaging Fellowship, to help a dedicated student to pursue graduate studies by lessening the financial burden of obtaining an advanced degree."

MSU will again use its donation to present each of five selected students with a $1,000 scholarship. The university will award the monies in early fall so that students can apply the funds toward either their fall or spring tuition. "The cost of a college education continues to increase. Thus, these scholarships help students to meet their financial obligations without working as many hours at an outside job," said Dr. Bruce Harte, director of the School of Packaging at MSU. "Monies such as these enable students to really focus on their studies. It's also a great way to recognize and encourage high academic performance."

RIT has chosen to continue disbursing the funds more broadly. Last year, the school created a scholarship that donates a key textbook to students entering the packaging program, allowing them to begin building their reference library. The selected text is Fundamentals of Packaging Technology by Walter Soroka. The department will be distributing the textbook to approximately 50 students during the second year of the program.

"This 'book scholarship' enables us to help all of the students in our packaging program," said Karen Proctor, professor and packaging program chair, RIT Department of Packaging Science. "The reaction from the students has been one of surprise and gratitude to be receiving a key textbook at no cost."

The University of Wisconsin–Stout will use the scholarship monies to award five $1,000 scholarships to undergraduate students. The scholarships will be presented to the students at the annual scholarship awards banquet in September.

"The generous scholarship recognition from DuPont Medical Packaging will help each of the recipients not only with their financial commitments, but will also help to plant the seeds for exploring this exciting career area within the packaging industry," said Ken E. Neuberg, packaging program director, University of Wisconsin– Stout. "Historically, we have been known for electronic packaging and packaging design. Now, we have a much stronger emphasis on medical packaging, and it is quite apparent that the healthcare and medical device fields are at the forefront of our continued growth for student packaging co-op/internship opportunities."

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