Safety Becomes Paramount for Parenteral Packaging

Concern for the safety of healthcare professionals and their patients has led to the creation of innovative parenteral systems.

Safety and ease of use are the drivers for the new parenteral systems available to pharmaceutical packagers. Needle safety laws have brought about an increased need for needleless systems and low-cost disposable syringes. In addition, manufacturers want to eliminate as many components as possible during the reconstitution of lyophilized drugs. Thus, vial closures and syringes are becoming easier to use, as well as needleless.

A diluent-filled syringe enables the healthcare professional to reconstitute a powdered or lyophilized drug without the use of a needle. The Bio-Set Injection is a needleless system that decreases the risk of microbial contamination. The system is easy to use; simply remove the cap from the vial, connect the syringe and activate it, mix, and transfer the liquid back into the syringe. Bio-Set Injection allows for a precise dosage with a minimum waste of drug. Biodome America, Princeton, NJ.


A company offers products and equipment for parenteral packaging. The product line consists of vials, ampules, and syringes suitable for delicate pharmaceuticals. In addition, the company provides machines for cleaning, sterilizing, dosing, filling, checking, and labeling. The machines accommodate a wide variety of containers, including ampules, cartridges, syringes, vials, and bottles. Bausch + Stroebel, Clinton, CT.


Stoppers and syringe components are available for parenteral pharmaceutical applications. Westar RS ready-to-sterilize packaging components provide a high-performance solution for pharmaceutical manufacturers who are looking to reduce costs and in-house processing. Westar serum stoppers, lyophilization stoppers, IV stoppers, and syringe components meet specific parenteral pharmaceutical requirements for packaging components. Westar components are processed at the company's FDA-registered facility under applicable CGMPs to meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. West Pharmaceutical Services, Lionville, PA.


A dual-chamber syringe allows the user to reconstitute a lyophilized drug within the syringe before administration to a patient. The Lyo-Ject contains both the lyophilized drug and its diluent. A simple twist-and-push motion reconstitutes the drug. The syringe is designed to save costs by reducing the amount of overfill; it is also designed for ease of use. Vetter Pharma Turm, Yardley, PA.


A plungerless syringe is designed to replace conventional disposable prefilled syringes. The Vasceze syringe can be used to inject drugs or to flush catheters in place of traditional two-piece plunger-type syringes. Designed to be cost-effective, the syringe is also easy to use. Avitro, Lake Tahoe, NV, and Pollock Pines, CA.


A disposable injection device is designed to prevent reuse. The UniJect is a prefillable single-use device for intramuscular and subcutaneous injections. It is lightweight, easy to ship, and simple to use. In addition, the device promotes safety by preventing the spread of infection due to needle reuse; once the device has been used, it is not possible to refill and reuse it. Becton Dickinson, Franklin Lakes, NJ.

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