On the Safe Side when In House

Using validatable heat sealers for packaging moving parts within a facility is particularly valuable, notes Jeff Quinto, general manager, Packworld USA (Nazareth, PA). “If FDA comes in to check on the process, there is no variability when using a validatable heat sealer. Every time anything is packaged for movement within the facility, it features the same, exact seal because they are using a controlled heat sealer,” he says.

Packworld USA manufactures heat-sealing equipment that provides a consistent, repeatable seal on many of the pouches developed by the converters mentioned in the accompanying feature. “Our machines are used in both applications and work on any plain polymeric material as well as poly/Tyvek and foil,” he adds. Such equipment can be used for both in-house parts movement and final packaging.

Oliver-Tolas offers ISOTECH bags to transfer products from one place to another within a facility. These are steam sterilizable bags designed for the transfer of bulk components to barrier isolators and automated filling lines.

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