Required Reading

Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry (MD&DI), currently PMP News’s sister publication, published several key articles in the 1990s that tackled several issues plaguing the medical device packaging industry. Below is a suggested MD&DI reading list compiled by John Spitzley and Curt Larsen, along with an article from ASTM’s journal

“Toward a New Consensus on Sterile Device Packaging,” MD&DI, January 1993. Parisi et al.

“Microbial Challenge of Whole Packages,” ASTM’s Standardization News, March 1993. Hansen et al.

“How Effective Is Microbial Challenge Testing for Intact Sterile Packaging?,” MD&DI, August 1993. John Spitzley.

“In Quest of Sterile Packaging, Part 1: Approaches to Package Testing,” MD&DI, August 1995. Hansen et al.

“In Quest of Sterile Packaging, Part 2: Physical Package Integrity Test Methods,” MD&DI, September 1995. Jones et al.

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