Reliable package testers

Systems help ensure packages are defect-free.


A company has released a full-color brochure describing the features and benefits of its leak-test system. The Falcon leak-test system bridges the gap between traditional pressure-decay technology and helium vacuum mass spectrometry. The system�s on-screen graphics display provides precise visual recognition of the leak location and accurately identifies the leak rate for the operator. It also communicates the information to designated factory communication networks, ensuring the quick resolution of manufacturing deficiencies to avoid downtime and production line backup. The system interfaces with a matrix of strategically integrated, patent-pending Intelense sensors. In-probe microprocessors initiate data processing while advanced software manages the signals from the multiple sensors. Cincinnati Test Systems Inc., Cleves, OH; 513/367-6699;

Tray-Scanning System

A patented system scans devices nondestructively for internal defects. It is designed with the same acoustic microimaging technology offered with the company�s C-SAM systems, but with higher throughput capabilities and automation required for the production floor. The system can be used for quickly screening devices loaded in 5.4-in. or 5.35-in. wide trays without submersing the trays into a bath of water. It features a Waterfall transducer for nonimmersion scanning and to minimize parts soaking; automatic tray loading and unloading or SMEMA interface; a multistage drying unit consisting of a four-stage in-line drying system; and turbo speed for up to 2.5 times faster tray throughput at high resolution. Sonoscan, Elk Grove Village, IL; 847/437-6400;  

Lyssy Tester

A system monitors specified barrier characteristics of packaging designed to protect bulk intermediates, finished capsules and tablets, powdered pharmaceutical and nutritional product mixes, medical devices, and consumer diagnostic kits from moisture-induced degradation, clumping, or rust contamination. When used as a component of a fast-to-market packaging development strategy, the Lyssy tester offers speed, ease of use, and accuracy that may be comparable to the USP method required for FDA approval for moisture permeability. The quick-yielding Lyssy results present packaging engineers and product fomulators with early and frequent moisture-vapor transmission rates they can use to test a variety of alternative packaging methods, material selections, and container shapes. PBI-Dansensor America Inc., Glen Rock, NJ; 201/251-6490.


A leak tester for blister packs is clean, dry, and nondestructive. Blisters that pass the test can be reintroduced to the blister packaging line. Product from failed blisters can be deblistered intact and immediately repackaged. Operators have no influence over the results of BlisterScan as the pass or fail status of each pocket is shown on the screen. Its test cycle is 2 minutes, and it can detect leaks and weak seals as small as 5 �m across a full cross section of the entire blister web. It identifies the precise pocket that leaks and is suitable for testing alongside blister lines to speed up diagnosis of any problems and prevent the production of excess rejects as soon as possible. Sepha Ltd., Newtownards, UK; +44 28 91824252;

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