Reliable Package Testers

Systems inspect packages for a wide range of defects.



A gas analyzer offers flexible parameters for measuring oxygen content in pharmaceutical and medical packages. The CheckMate tests packages with very low headspace to provide reliable, reproducible, fail-safe testing and documentation of vials, vacuum packages, shelf-stable adhesives, transdermal patches, and implantable devices. This eliminates operator fault caused by misreadings typically resulting from humidity, ambient air pressure, or temperature. Once-a-year calibration intervals and a complete self-diagnostic program make the system operator-friendly. It easily accommodates a wide variety of package formats by requiring test sample volume of only 1 to 2 ml. Up to 2400 test results can be logged, sorted, and printed to analyze oxygen content in packages produced on different machine lines or on packages containing different types of products. PBI Dansensor, Glen Rock, NJ; 201/ 251-6490;

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Leak, Flow, and Package Testing
A company offers two booklets to help the design or quality engineer acquire the tools to determine a project's testing needs. Leak and Flow Testing 101 and Package Testing 201 provide basic information to determine the testing parameters and thus the necessary capability of the test system. Included is a discussion of various types of leak testing, a definition of leak rate, and a detailed look into pressure decay leak testing. A section covering ISO-11607 and the industry's particular test documentation and validation requirements is included. The booklets also examine seal-strength testing and package-integrity testing. TM Electronics Inc., Boylston, MA; 508/869-6400;

A line of leak testers features fast PC processing, multichannel flexibility, and a range of configurations that provide medical device manufacturers with speed and interconnectivity. With up to 20 onboard channels, the Vector can perform as many as 10 asynchronous or 20 simultaneous tests not limited to leak testing. Flow, blockage, vacuum decay, and burst testing are all within the Vector's capabilities. In addition, the company's acquisition of the Qualitek group has added a range of nondestructive leak testers for sachets, pouches, trays, and blister packs to the company's existing product line. Uson LP, Houston, TX; 281/671-2000;

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A company offers the latest communication and diagnostic features for its line of x-ray inspection equipment. Unlike most packaging units operating via PLCs, the X3 inspection units are Windows NT based. This enables remote control, production line review, and data collection via an Ethernet or modem connection. Personnel are now able to connect to and download reports, review reject images, and monitor the production line remotely. Detailed production reports and logged reject image files document quality issues detected by the X3 and provide detail on missing items and contamination in real time. Additional software enables operators to use the unit from a remote location. Loma Systems Inc., Carol Stream, IL; 630/681-2060;


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