Raising Eyebrows with Tubes

An upscale antiaging skin care products line relies on customized tubes to carry on its brand image.

RE9 Advanced from Arbonne International LLC (Irvine, CA) offers skincare products intended to fight the effects of aging. “The RE9 Advanced breakthrough approach addresses skin health by pairing targeted topical treatments with an age-defying supplement that accelerates results twice as fast,” explains Arbonne on its Web site. The diverse product line includes cleansers, toner, creams, and more, making up 12 SKUs.

Fusion Packaging supplied tubes with custom-colored closures and specialty crimped seales to convey the upscale image of RE9 Advanced.

Fusion Packaging was recently charged with redesigning the line’s packaging. Fusion developed a design with a unique flared shape to update the line while reinforcing its sophistication.

Two stand-up tubes were provided in that redesign, and together with new jars and bottles had to uphold the line’s exclusive and luxurious nature. Fusion Packaging manufactured the acrylic jars and airless bottles, but acted as a supplier for the tubes. While distinct in shape and function, all containers had to present a cohesive brand image.

Arbonne had two main goals in mind for the tubes, explains Casey Allen, marketing manager for Fusion Packaging. “First, the tubes had to achieve a high-end look. Secondly, the tube must incorporate a one-handed action to operate.”

These requirements presented Arbonne with two choices: a flip-top cap and a center-dispensing cap. “To achieve a high-end look, Arbonne wanted to use an aluminum shell, which is not possible on the flip-top cap,” Allen says. “The center dispensing cap allowed for an aluminum shell, thus meeting both criteria.”

Custom coloring was also required for the RE9 Advanced tubes. “The gold aluminum shell is not a stock/universal gold,” says Allen. “Arbonne requested a custom gold color match to be sure the cap matched the gold in the acrylic jars and airless bottles made by Fusion.”

The crimp of the tube is especially unique, adds Allen. “Arbonne wanted the top of the tube to match the crescent shape design that is part of their logo. We call it the eyebrow. In order to achieve this custom look, a special tool had to be ordered and utilized at the filler to crimp the top of the tube.”

Fusion’s engineers, quality control managers, and production teams worked closely with Arbonne to deliver packaging for the entire line. “Fusion Packaging proved to be an excellent partner on this project,” said Greg Chambers, Arbonne’s VP of global supply chain. “Their knowledge and experience in projects of this magnitude was clearly displayed as our aggressive speed to market timetable was met without interruption.”

Arbonne formulates botanically based beauty, health, and wellness products, distributed throughout an international network of independent consultants.

Fusion Packaging designs, manufactures, and distributes packaging for the skin care and cosmetic markets. ■

Published in Tube News, May 2010

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