Quick and Versatile Tube Fillers

Capable of handling a variety of products, tube fillers offer fast fill times.


Unipac Tube Fillers

Tube filling and closing systems combine high technology and operating simplicity. The sealing and closing systems are available for metal, plastic, polyfoil, and laminate tubes for a range of speeds from 30 to 200 tubes per minute. Unipac tube fillers are designed in accordance with the highest GMP standards; external machine parts are in stainless steel or nontoxic nickel process to facilitate easy maintenance. Machines are designed for quick product and tube size changeover. Romaco Inc., Morris Plains, NJ; 973/616-0440; www.romaco.com.

TFS 80
A precision tube filling system has 13 individual servo drives and convenient, preassembled modular fill components. In approximately 10 minutes, the operator can manage the virtually seamless, toolless changeover and dismantling of preassembled fill parts to maintain production efficiencies and institute an easy cleanup and product changeover. The PC-controlled tube filler is designed to maximize production efficiencies and minimize human error by providing easy touch screen access to guide the operator through all phases of production and levels of understanding. IWK Packaging Machinery Inc., Fairfield, NJ; 973/227-5575; sales@iwkusa.com.

KX 1101
A filling machine achieves a production rate of 120 cycles per minute. It offers complete access to all the operations in progress since its turntable does not include central command. The KX 1101 comes with a turntable that has 14 stations, enabling other functions such as labeling and marking. It has been designed to reduce adjustments to a minimum and avoid any need for specific tooling. The KX 1101 offers a production rate of 100 to 110 tubes per minute. The sealing of metal tubes is carried out using a new technology with independent stations and servomotor control. Plastic tubes are sealed using hot-air technology, which enables the sealing of a wide variety of shapes. Mixed plastic and metal sealing is also possible. Kalix, French Technology Press Office, Chicago, IL; 312/222-1235; ftpo@ubifrance.com.

Tonazzi Colibri 1001
An automatic tube filler is equipped to handle a wide variety of different products in metal, plastic, or laminated tubes. The machine can achieve speeds of up to 90 tubes per minute. Designed to keep manual operations and size changeover times to a minimum, the filler is user-friendly and provides easy accessibility to all operations. It can be easily integrated in-line with the company's cartoner. Marchesini Packaging, West Caldwell, NJ; 973/575-7445; mpmagent@mpmagent.com.


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