Protective Parenterals

Drug-delivery systems and supplies increase safety and help reduce medical errors.


Safety Injector

A safety prefilled cartridge injector allows medication to be injected directly into a patient from prefilled cartridges produced by many pharmaceutical manufacturers. The prefilled cartridge is threaded onto the rear end of the stationary plunger and becomes integrated as a functional part of the plunger. After the medication in the cartridge has been delivered, the needle of the syringe automatically and fully retracts into the body of the syringe. The needle seals in place, rendering it harmless and inoperable. The Med Design Corp., Ventura, CA; 805/339-0375;

Drug-Delivery System

A company has launched a new high-speed production line to meet customer demand for its new system for simplifying intravenous antibiotic delivery to patients. The system is also designed to minimize the potential for medication errors, eliminate the pharmacy labor component of IV antibiotic delivery, and reduce drug waste. The system consists of a prefilled PVC-, DEHP-, and latex-free IV bag containing proper doses of drug and diluent in different compartments separated by a quick-release seal. The caregiver simply squeezes the bag to mix the drug and diluent prior to administration. Special oxygen- and moisture-barrier technology are employed to protect the drug powder from vapor and oxygen transfer through the bag over the product's shelf life. B. Braun Medical Inc., Bethlehem, PA; 800/854-6851;


Popular styles and sizes of glass vials are being included in a program that will provide convenience for all glass-vial users. In addition to stocking the most popular styles and sizes for quick shipment, there will be standard pricing for items in the program. The vials are designed to meet the demands of high-speed filling lines. They are manufactured from seamless glass tubing, cut to semifinished lengths, and fine polished to meet precise dimensional requirements. The vials meet Glass Packaging Institute specifications as well as USP and European Pharmacopoeia specifications, if required. Comar Inc., Buena, NJ; 856/692-9500;

Self-Injection Devices

A company offers a variety of self-injection devices. In addition to BD Auto-Injector, the company offers complementary auto-injecting devices that are designed for subcutaneous administration of parenteral drugs by the patients. An extensive portfolio of auto-injecting pens are tailored to each specific need: fixed or variable dose, single or multiple dose, disposable or reusable medical devices, and short-, medium-, or long-term treatments. All applications and active substances for subcutaneous administration may be used with the most complete and comprehensive range of self-injection devices on the market. The company offers features such as hidden needles, automatic skin penetration, and automatic dose delivery. BD Pharmaceutical Systems, Franklin Lakes, NJ; 800/ 225-3310;

UltraSafe Delivery System

A tamper-evident drug delivery system helps prevent counterfeiting and adulteration of unit-dose, prefilled glass syringes. According to the company, this is the industry's first solution to combine a tamper-evident feature with a passive needlestick prevention method for prefilled glass syringes. The tamper-evident feature makes tampering more difficult while helping to prevent drug replacement, dilution, or pollution with a hazardous agent. Safety Syringes Inc., 760/918-9908;   


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