Protective Parenterals

Drug delivery systems and supplies facilitate administration and reduce errors. 

Aseptic Production


A company specializes in the aseptic production of prefilled application systems with FDA-approved products, employing FDA-approved processes. Its development service department supports pharmaceutical and biotech customers from the early stages of product development to product launch. The company’s commercial manufacturing service handles the entire process from compounding and aseptic filling to the final packaging of a product. Vetter Pharma-Fertigung GmbH & Co. KG, Ravensburg, Germany; +49 751 3700 0;

Flip-Off Seals

Matte-top and smooth-top plastic buttons provide an easily accessible and highly visible surface for labeling, coding, and applying counterfeit detection and prevention measures. The top surfaces of the buttons can be used for other forms of decoration. The molds can be tooled for manufacturing custom buttons with customer-specific information. The company’s D-I-D (Decoration-Identification-Differentiation) system adds extra features of product identification, traceability, and safety. The Flip-Off seal combines a metal shell with an attached plastic button protecting the site of the injection. A simple flip or lifting of the plastic button with the thumb removes the button, allowing access to the injection site or target area of the elastomeric closure. Flip-Off seal applications include veterinary, injection, and infusion products. West Pharmaceutical Services, Lionville, PA; 800/231-3000;


Popular styles and sizes of glass vials are designed to meet the demands of high-speed filling lines. They are manufactured from seamless glass tubing, cut to semifinished lengths, and fine-polished to meet precise dimensional requirements. The vials meet Glass Packaging Institute specifications as well as USP and European Pharmacopoeia specifications, if required. Comar Inc., Buena, NJ; 856/692-9500;

Ultrasafe Delivery System

A tamper-evident drug-delivery system helps prevent counterfeiting and adulteration of unit-dose, prefilled glass syringes. According to the company, this is the industry’s first solution to combine a tamper-evident feature with a passive needlestick-prevention method for prefilled glass syringes. The tamper-evident feature makes tampering more difficult while helping to prevent drug replacement, dilution, or pollution with a hazardous agent. Safety Syringes Inc., 760/918-9908;

Self-Injection Devices

A drug-delivery firm offers a variety of self-injection devices. In addition to BD Auto-Injector, the company offers complementary auto-injecting devices that are designed for subcutaneous administration of parenteral drugs by patients. An extensive portfolio of auto-injecting pens are tailored to each specific need: fixed or variable dose, single or multiple dose, disposable or reusable medical devices, and short-, medium-, or long-term treatments. All applications and active substances for subcutaneous administration may be used with the most complete and comprehensive range of self-injection devices on the market. BD Pharmaceutical Systems, Franklin Lakes, NJ; 800/225-3310;

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