Protective Parenterals

Parenteral packaging enhances safety and ease of use.

Omnifix Twin Syringes

An all-in-one syringe is designed to store both drug and diluent. The syringe delivers gentle product reconstitution, minimizes product loss and packaging waste, and improves dosage accuracy for end-users. As either a stand-alone product or as part of a custom kit, the Omnifix Twin syringe can be an important component toward reducing medication errors and enhancing safety. Burron OEM Div., B. Braun Medical Inc.; Bethlehem, PA; 877-4-BURRON;

UltraSafe Needle Guards
A company offers a series of safety products for prefilled syringes. The UltraSafe Passive delivery system is designed for prefilled glass syringes. It provides a complete delivery system with no change in current technique. After delivery, the safety guard passively locks into place, preventing needle-stick injuries. UltraSafe needle guards are designed to attach easily to glass syringes commonly used with vaccines, low-molecular-weight heparins, and other medicines. Features include color-coded guards to assist in identification of correct size; high-strength, transparent plastic that facilitates visualization of syringe markings, labels, and contents, and maximizes protection; a "click" lock, which provides tactile and audible confirmation of guard activation; and a patented, six-point locking mechanism that ensures maximum security and locking force. Finally, the UltraSafe injection system is designed for use with both Wyeth Tubex and Abbott Carpuject prefilled glass cartridges and is assembled in similar fashion to the currently used reusable nonsafety holders. Safety Syringes Inc., Carlsbad, CA; 760/918-9908;

Unit-Dose Swabs
Unit-dose swabs offer an economical, convenient delivery system for topical products. The swabs consist of a hermetically sealed glass ampule containing an accurately measured amount of product, a flexible plastic sleeve, an absorbent applicator tip, and a paper cap that serves both for protection and product identification. To activate the swab, the user reverses the cardboard sleeve and squeezes the package between the thumb and forefinger on the dot located at the center of the swab. The force applied causes the glass ampule to rupture, and the contents flow onto the applicator tip. By applying gentle pressure to the swab, the user can regulate the flow of the contents to the desired area. The swabs come in three standard sizes to meet varied packaging and fill-volume requirements. Custom sizes and designs are also available. James Alexander, Blairstown, NJ; 908/362-9266;

Droppers and Vials
A company offers a stock products program that features a ship-from-stock inventory of the most common dropper assemblies and glass tubular vials. Products include a variety of glass and plastic droppers, screw-thread vials, media tubes, serum vials, and water vials. Information such as item numbers, descriptions, and the quantity of each item in inventory is available on the company's Web site. The program is designed to give customers easy access to information and provide quick delivery of popular items. Comar, Buena, NJ; 856/692-9500;


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