Protective Parenteral Packaging

Prefilled syringes, droppers, vials, and ampules facilitate various forms of drug administration.

Parenteral Packaging
A company offers a variety of parenteral packaging, including blow-fill-seal packaging, prefilled syringes, vials and ampules for liquid and freeze-dried formulations, and sterile fill for creams and ointments. A variety of blow-fill-seal container sizes are available from 0.15 ml to 2000 ml, with a variety of closures. The system can automatically insert sterile injection-molded components, such as eye-drop tip and cap assemblies, rubber stoppers, and fitments and plugs for various delivery applications. The blow-fill-seal technology is an advanced aseptic manufacturing process, compatible with oxygen- and light-sensitive products as well as proteins and biologics. The process forms, aseptically fills, and hermetically seals plastic blow-molded containers in one continuous integrated operation. Cardinal Health PTS, Basking Ridge, NJ; 888/636-1919;

Syringe Components
Stopper and syringe components are designed to meet specific parenteral pharmaceutical requirements for packaging components. Plungers are available to cover syringe sizes from 0.3 to 260 ml. Coated stoppers enhance machinability, reduce the necessity for costly compatibility testing, and reduce rejects caused by subvisible particulate matter. These stoppers are available with B2-Coating (a cross-linked silicone-based coating that enhances machinability), FluroTec (an inert coating that limits interaction between the rubber component and the drug or sample) and Teflon (an inert laminate that limits interaction between the rubber component and the drug or sample). Dropper bulbs are available for applications ranging from eye, ear, and nasal drops to diagnostic products and dispensing systems. West Pharmaceutical Services, Lionville, PA; 800/345-9800;

Prefilled Syringes
A company aseptically fills syringes as well as provides additional options, such as terminal sterilization, plunger rod and backstop insertions, open and blinded labeling, and blister packaging. Options for filling presentations include Hypak SCF glass syringes in 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2.25, 3, 5, 10, and 20 ml sizes; and Sterifill sterile, clean, ready-to-fill plastic syringes in 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, and 50 ml sizes. Luer, luer-lock, and safety devices are available upon request. Baxter Pharmaceutical Solutions LLC, Bloomington, IN; 812/355-0887;

Dropper Assemblies
A range of standard and custom glass and plastic dropper assemblies can be used for optical and topical applications. Standard glass assemblies are available in Type I and Type III glass with a minimum length of 35 mm and maximum length of 160 mm. Glass pipettes can be silk screened. Glass dropper assemblies can be ordered with straight, bent-point, or blunt-end tip styles in a variety of pipette and tip diameters. Plastic pipettes are available in sizes ranging from 35 to 160 mm and can be ordered with tapered, stub, or blunt-tip style from the catalog. Comar, Buena, NJ; 856/692-9500;

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