Protective FILMS

Films can protect products from being counterfeited or compromised.

Anticounterfeiting Blister Films

A supplier of pharmaceutical blister films offers a line of anticounterfeiting blister films and foils for product protection. The line incorporates UV markers to verify product authenticity without changing the product contact surface. The product is designed to combine a company’s logo or product brand logo in the film and foil in a way that, when exposed to UV light, the logo and blister film are illuminated. This allows for the UV markers to be buried to avoid product contact or affect product stability. All components of the process of applying the markers to the company’s films and foils are FDA approved for human contact. Tekni-Films, Somerville, NJ; 908/722-4800;

ROSO Label Film

A producer of rigid films offers a vinyl roll-on shrink-on (ROSO) label film for wraparound label applications. The Pentaprint L282/41 film has 53% shrink properties. It allows for the high visibility and graphics of shrink-label films by modifying existing wraparound label machinery. The ROSO film is available in 50-µm clear or white styles. It is suitable for use with quick-setting solvent adhesives and gravure or flexographic printing processes. It also allows for reverse-printing of the graphics for ink protection. Klöckner Pentaplast of America Inc., Gordonsville, VA; 540/832-3600;

Thermoformable Films

A manufacturer of blister pack films offers a line of thermoformable films for the packaging of suppositories. The Perlalux-Suppo line uses a PE layer to ensure a perfect seal and a reliable peelable opening. It is available in a white, opaque color, and can be printed or unprinted. Multiple structures and thicknesses are available. Perlen Converting LLC, Whippany, NJ; 732/929-0758;

Multilayer Top Web

A seven-layer, peelable top web is designed for high-speed thermoform-fill-seal applications. The HP-EZ film features a coextrusion of modified HDPE, nylon, and EZ Peel sealant technology. It is designed to offer consistent peel performance, mechanical strength, processing efficiencies, and seal integrity achieved through resin formulation and proprietary layer distribution. The layer distribution is designed to maximize tensile strength, stiffness, and heat resistance. The film’s core layer of nylon contributes to the web’s pucture, abrasion, flex crack, and tear resistance. The film also features clean white HDPE engineered to provide a matte, paper-like finish for enhanced printability. The surface is well-suited for in-line flexo or thermal-transfer printing units. Perfecseal, Oshkosh, WI; 920/303-7104;

Films and Foils

A manufacturer offers a line of blister foils that can seal to Aclar high-barrier films made by Honeywell. The product’s characteristics enable pharmaceutical manufacturers to invert the lamination film and thermoform blisters with Aclar-In, resulting in improved barrier properties of the total package as compared with typical Aclar structures. Applications include peelable child-resistant foil as well as unsupported aluminum push-through foil. Hueck Foils LLC, Wall, NJ; 732/974-2694;

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