Protective, Custom-Made Shipping Materials

A variety of shipping containers help guard products against shock, vibration, and temperature extremes.


Temperature-Controlled Packaging

A company provides custom-designed protective packaging products for the safe transit and distribution of temperature-sensitive products. Its material-neutral approach to the design and engineering of each customer's application uses a variety of materials, such as molded foams, fabricated foams, corrugated paperboards, thermoformable plastics, and wood. ISTA-certified testing labs offer an extensive range of testing capabilities, such as drop testing, sine sweep vibration testing, random vibration testing, compression testing, and incline impact testing. Tuscarora Inc., New Brighton, PA; 800/887-2276;

Insulated Containers
A company manufactures a lockable, double-walled polyethylene insulated transport container for multicycle, returnable use and international shipments of medical and pharmaceutical payloads. A Vaculok vacuum insulation panel (VIP), manufactured by Advantek Inc., provides up to 120 hours of thermal performance at frozen, refrigerated, or room temperatures. VIPs can be added to existing insulated-container designs or are available as a component of complete insulated shipping-container assemblies. Plastilite Corp., Omaha, NE; 800/228-9506; www.plastilite. com; Advantek, Minnetonka, MN; 952/938-6800;

Ice Brix Refrigerant
A viscous gel refrigerant is formulated with nontoxic materials and hermetically sealed within a laminated, metallized, polyethylene film. The laminated film creates a strong, durable package that is UV heat resistant, puncture resistant, and split or burst resistant. Ice Brix are available in two temperature ranges: the standard 30°F viscous leakproof gel for refrigerated or frozen products and a new eutectic formulated –10°F viscous leakproof gel refrigerant for deep-frozen products. Ice Brix are a clean alternative to wet or dry ice. Polar Tech Industries Inc., Genoa IL; 800/423-2749;

Transport Containers
A company provides temperature-controlled air cargo containers for door-to-door deliveries in an unbroken cool chain. The containers maintain a stable interior temperature throughout the entire shipment for up to 72 hours. Available sizes include LD-3, LD-9, and the MYX coolbox. They are equipped with an Envirotainer standard thermostat for 16 D-size alkaline batteries. Envirotainer, Irving, TX; 800/227-8298;

Air-Cushion Packaging
An internal cushioning system is used for protecting fragile or high-value products from the shipping environment. The cushion securely suspends a product in a cushion of air and enhances its presentation. First, the product is placed into an internal pouch of air-cushion packaging. Next, the air-cushion packaging is rapidly inflated by available equipment, using a convenient push-pull valve. Finally the suspended product is placed in a corrugated box for shipment. Often, the cushion is constructed of tough polyethylene-nylon films with calipers of 3.7 and 4 mil. Other films are also used as required. The cushions are designed to function between –40° and 140°F and to withstand altitudes of up to 19,000 ft. 3M Packaging Systems Division, St. Paul, MN; 800/722-5463;


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