Product Update: Reading Between the INSERTS AND OUTSERTS

Find out how much product literature you can fit into a square inch.


Pharmaceutical Printing

A company offers inserts and outserts in a variety of formats, including flat, ribbon fold, parallel, and right angle. The product literature can be printed in as many as four colors. An offset sheet size of 28 in. × 40 in. is available. Web printing can be done up to 20 in. × 28 in. and can be folded down to as small as 11¼8 in. × 1-1/8 in. The company also offers perforating, binding, and shrink wrapping. New Jersey Packaging, Fairfield, NJ; 973/808-8000;

Expanded-Content Label

A label design combines a leaflet or booklet with a pressure-sensitive base material. InfoPac can be custom designed to fit bottles of different shapes or sizes. The outsert can include several pages of information, up to 1¼8 in. thick. Labels can be designed with a resealable closure system for repeated referencing. Product information can be perforated so it can be easily removed. Labels can be laminated. The labels are offered in a variety of colors. Tursso Companies, St. Paul, MN; 651/222-8445;

Inserting Process

A company developed a manufacturing process that automatically inserts and holds a pamphlet in place in a folding carton without glue. A consumer can easily remove the insert without tearing it. Every carton is scanned during the manufacturing process to ensure that each carton is delivered with an insert. Johnson Printing & Packaging, Minneapolis, MN; 800/877-4077;

Folded Outserts

Ribbon-style and right-turn-angle (RTA) outserts are offered in up to six colors. Ribbon-style outserts are available up to 9 in. wide × 39 in. long. RTA style outserts are offered with a sheet size of up to 16.9 in. × 39 in. with a minimum fold size of up 1.125 in. × 1.125 in., providing up to 1232 sq in. of copy space. Inserts are also available. The company also offers bar code verification and scanning as well as customized enclosure trays. Creative Press Inc., Evansville, IN; 812/422-4104;

Pamphlets on Rolls

A company produces microfolded printed pamphlets with right-angle folds on rolls for automatic or manual application. The pamphlets are glued closed and affixed to pressure-sensitive labels. The pamphlets are offset-printed on very light papers. The company offers single- or four-color process printing. Some constructions come with a two-ply dry-release base, which allows the end-user to easily remove the pamphlet for sticky-free storage in a pocket or purse. J H Bertrand, Inc., Buffalo, NY; 716/631-9201;


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