Product Update: Precision Sealers

New sealing systems designed to provide consistent, repeatable-quality seals.


Medical Sealer

A variable-speed, continuous hot-air sealer does not use Teflon-coated bands. Because no Teflon bands are used, replacement costs are reduced and downtime is minimized, and fewer particulates are generated in the cleanroom. The OK Medical Supersealer features a PLC controller with a touch screen operator interface and display; product recipe storage; an Ethernet connection for continuous process monitoring, including data acquisition and logging; integral heater-height measurement; variable speed; and an autoreverse function. The sealing temperature is fully PID controlled, and the seal pressure is air regulated, which permits complete system calibration of the dynamic parameters that affect seal integrity. Plug-in thermocouple connectors and seal-pressure interface at the back of the machine facilitate calibration. O/K International Corp., Marlborough, MA; 508/303-8286;

Constant-Heat Sealer

A constant-heat medical sealer is validatable and can be used on critical packaging and in high-production environments in the medical device industry. The machine features fully lock-out-protected and alarm-enabled digital process controls. Its 8-in. seal platen fits in a 12 ¥ 13-in. footprint and seals 50 Tyvek pouches per minute. The constant-heat sealer is also available in 15- and 20-in. seal lengths. Full digital temperature control is achieved via PID, with ±1° accuracy. The high-force seal jaw, with its upper heat platen and autoseal mode, permits the user to preset cycle times for maximum production output. Accu-Seal Corp., San Marcos, CA; 800/452-6040;

Continuous-Band Sealer

A validatable dual-heat band sealer is designed for difficult-to-seal materials. Temperature, speed, and sealing and cooling bar pressures can be validated. Applications include sealing medical devices into pouches. Pressure validation is achieved through the use of self-contained compressed air; no external air is required. Easy, quick changeover and cleaning of the Teflon bands is attributable to the instant pressure release from bands placed in an open position. Uniform pressure on all sealing and cooling surfaces creates validatable seals of consistent quality. The machine’s gauges are easy to read and easily visible. Single-line code embossing is available. The VBS-DH-3/8-10-V model is designed to seal the following materials: Tyvek/Mylar, nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene, laminates, kraft/PE, and foil. The unit is mounted on a heavy-duty floor-model adjustable stand with a crank handle. All Packaging Machinery Corp., Ronkonkoma, NY; 800/637-8808;

Heat Sealer

A heat sealer is designed for reliable sealing of plastics and sealable composites in an R&D, medical packaging, or light production environment. It is well suited to materials testing and quantifying the optimum heat-sealing parameters of seal or seal-cut applications. The device is convenient and easy to operate manually or via a footswitch. It features a compressed-air exhaust outlet, an air-pressure regulator and gauge, low-pressure closing and high-pressure sealing, a stainless-steel case, and single- or double-band operation. A vacuum-and-purge option is available, as are a data logger for permanent records; water-cooled jaws; NIST-traceable calibration; and sealing bars in 12-, 16-, or 24-in. sizes. PackworldUSA, Nazareth, PA; 610/ 746-2765;


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