PRODUCT UPDATE: Flexible and Expandable Fillers

Filling systems offer improved changeover times and easy cleanup.


Mini Monoblock

Designed to accommodate a compact space, the Mini Monoblock fills liquids or powders, then stoppers or caps the containers at speeds up to 60 containers per minute. It is capable of filling vial sizes of 1 to 100 ml. To properly align vials for the filling and stoppering functions, each machine is equipped with a main starwheel for each container size. Features include PLCs for ease of operation and validation; no tool changeover; straight-through, side-mount filling nozzle; positive displacement fill system; and overload protection on the main starwheel. Cozzoli Machine Co., Plainfield, NJ; 908/757-2040;

3500 Digitronic Auger Filler
For applications in which vertical space is at a premium, the low profile Auger Filler is 10 in. shorter than the company's Servo 3500 Digitronic Auger. Included in the new configuration are a standard touch screen operator interface, designed for functionality and ease of use, and a product memory menu in which all products are stored using alphanumeric characters instead of codes. All configurations of the Servo 3500 Digitronic Auger Filler offer a decrease in both downtime and the expense of replacement parts compared with clutch-brake machines, according to the company. Spee-Dee Packaging Machinery Inc., Sturtevant, WI; 262/886-4402;

AMS SA-100 Auger Filler Head
A servo-drive auger filler head utilizes a true closed-loop servo control system. The AMS SA-100 features a servomotor mounted above the auger shaft as a direct drive system. The unit is well suited for use in pharmaceutical cleanroom environments. The servomotor is capable of operating at significantly higher cycle rates than clutch-brake–driven machines, according to the company, which makes the unit suitable for applications that require both a high cycle rate and high accuracy. Servo heads can be mounted on any of the firm's semiautomatic and automatic filling machines. AMS Filling Systems Inc., Honey Brook, PA; 610/ 942-4200;

TFS 80 Tube Filler
With its precision servo drives, the TFS 80 features a rapid changeover, state-of-the-art tube-filling technology, and multiple closing systems. Its modular design allows the flexibility to add on components, change applications, and increase uptime, while saving money. The TFS 80 offers toolless changeovers and easy dismantling of cleanup parts to save time. IWK Packaging Machinery, Fairfield, NJ; 973/227-5575;

752V-UHSS Dispense Valve
A pneumatically operated dispense valve increases productivity and reduces downtime in precision filling operations. Typical applications include filling small vials and pouches, applying solutions to sponges and pads, dispensing measured amounts of additives, and topping off under-filled containers. Instead of seals and O-rings that quickly wear out or leak, the valve uses a precision diaphragm that is rated for tens of millions of cycles. It features an adjustable stroke control that allows the flow rate to be changed for different fluid viscosities and cycle speeds, while open time is regulated by an EFD Valvemate controller. EFD Inc., East Providence, RI; 401/434-1680;

Lower Manifolds
Lower manifolds for slat fillers are designed to use the smallest number of parts and fasteners, which makes cleaning easy. The one-piece funnel block virtually eliminates dust-catching crevices. The precise machining gives an extremely solid assembly, while the all-transparent lower portion provides unobstructed visibility to both rows of bottles. The newly designed tubes also feature seamless transitions from product entrance to exit, which provide for more control of the product with less chance for product damage and less product exposure to dust and contamination. Service Industries LLC, Rolling Meadows, IL; 847/392-1652;

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