PRODUCT UPDATE: Films for Labeling and Product Protection

Flexible materials offer a variety of performance characteristics.


A line of laminated cycloolefin copolymer (COC) films

offers ultra-high barrier properties with respect to moisture and oxygen. A new feature of the Pentapharm COC line is a film designated SD/03, a vinyl/COC/PVdC coated and laminated material that serves as a better barrier package than cold-form foil, according to the company. In addition to its standard Pentapharm advantages of machinability, rigidity, sealability to common vinyl and PVdC lidding materials, as well as thermoformability, the versatile high-barrier film also provides brilliant optical clarity.

Klöckner Pentaplast of America Inc.,

Gordonsville, VA.

Flexible polypropylene films are designed for use in labeling semisqueezable and rigid transparent and colored product containers with irregular shapes or compound curves. The films offer very good conformability, providing maximum label coverage and the ability to cover large-scale panel graphics. The 2.5-mil films are clear, feature good clarity and high gloss, and withstand conditions in which containers are subjected to moisture and compression. Flexcon Company, Inc., Spencer, MA.

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