Product Update: Drug-Delivery and Parenteral Packaging

New technologies and drug-delivery applications result in a diverse selection of options for packaging.


Oral Dispenser

A new 1-ml oral dispenser is designed to allow precise dosages to be administered when very small amounts are required. The dispenser features a unique tip design that reduces residual content; an advanced rubberless tip design also prohibits the acceptance of hypodermic needles and reduces choking risk. The company also offers the dispenser in 3-, 5-, and 10-ml sizes to provide a wide range of dispensing capabilities. The dispenser is available with colored plungers and stands that can be color-coordinated to match the plungers. In addition, cover caps and insertable bottle adapters for use in prefilling can be ordered from the company. Comar Inc., Buena, NJ; 856/692-9500;

Unit-Dose Packaging

A company offers a line of plastic unit-dose form-fill-seal containers for packaging liquids, gels, lotions, creams, and semisolids. The VersaPak’s thermoforming process employs a full range of single- and multilayer high-barrier films, including PVC/PE, PVC/PVDC/ PE, and PS/EVOH/PE. The containers offer design flexibility in terms of package geometry and decorating options. They can be formed to duplicate full-sized signature products and can be designed to emphasize critical product features. Sizes range from 3 to 45 ml, with standard sizes of 5, 10, 15, and 30 ml. The packages also have easy-opening tear-offs for liquid or gel products, or peel-offs for products that solidify. Unicep Packaging Inc., Sandpoint, ID; 208/265-9696;

High-Barrier Foil

A new ultra-high-barrier foil is available for pharmaceutical and medical device applications. Flexi 6611 is well-suited for moisture- and oxygen-sensitive applications that require a foil lamination to meet or exceed shelf-life expectations. The structure features the company’s Flexi-Free solvent-free technology, which is made by custom-designed laminating equipment. The product contains polyester, aluminum foil, and clear polyethylene along with adhesive to achieve excellent moisture vapor and oxygen permeability. It is available in rollstock and premade pouches and is ideal for companies seeking to extend the shelf life of drug-delivery systems. In addition, the laminate has been engineered for quality sealing and machinability, which enables optimum production speeds to maximize plant efficiency. The product can also be decorated with high-end graphics from the company’s new Infiniti II 10-color flexographic press. Flexicon, Cary, IL; 847/639-3530;

Prefilled Syringes

A company provides prefilled systems for a wide range of pharmaceutical applications. The Lyo-Ject double-chamber ready-to-use syringe is designed to prevent sensitive drugs from degrading in a lyophilized state. One chamber is designed to hold the lyophilized substance while the other chamber contains a solvent. The two substances are mixed immediately prior to application, an all-in-one concept that assures a long shelf life and easy handling. Additional syringes can be equipped with the V-OVS seal, which maintains the integrity of the product until it is ready for use. The company’s data-matrix-based identification system, V-In, traces each individual product throughout the entire production process. Vetter Pharma-Turm Inc., Yardley, PA; 215/321-6930;


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