PRODUCT UPDATE: Dependable Package Testers

Designed for a wide range of applications, testers lead the way through every phase of packaging.


PTI-225 Leak Tester
A nondestructive leak tester is used to inspect filled and sealed flexible pouches, cups, trays, and bottles. The Pti-225 is a turnkey inspection system offering high precision, accuracy, and consistency. An operator interface touch screen is used for data collection. The company's Self-Teach Learn software reduces setup time and operator training time. The tester does not require air and uses only 110 V. Its vacuum decay test system with vacuum microcomponents offers increased test sensitivity. Packaging Technologies & Inspection LLC, Tuckahoe, NY; 800/784-3899;

BT-1000 Package Tester
An automated package tester combines leak integrity tests with seal strength tests including burst, creep, and creep-to-failure tests. The tester is suitable for porous pouches, trays, or blisters with materials such as Tyvek and paper barriers, as well as foil, laminate, or barrier package materials. The BT-1000 has eight test modes to perform both leak testing and seal strength testing on the same nonporous package without changing the setup, the test item, or the instrument settings. Graphic results of individual tests, as well as SQC analysis of up to 1000 tests in the data log, will provide mean, standard deviation, control charges, and histogram for maximum proactive process control. TM Electronics Inc., Worcester, MA; 508/856-0500;

Qualipak Q700
Suitable for testing at the end of the production line, the Qualipak Q700 detects micron-sized holes in nonporous packages. It nullifies variations in the fill volume or headspace of the package. To operate, the package is loaded into the tester, and the lid is closed, initiating a completely automated preprogrammed test cycle. At the completion of the test, the operator is presented with a green-pass or red-reject lamp indication based on the programmable limits preset into the Qualipak's memory. The alphanumeric display also provides full information concerning setup parameters, result details, and testing statistics. ITI Qualitek, North Billerica, MA; 978/ 670-1113;

Leak Testers
A company offers an extensive line of testers to fit a variety of applications and requirements. Stand-alone package testers are available as well as turnkey systems for on-line testing (automated production line testing for quality control) and off-line testing (automated or manual testers for audit testing and quality assurance). The package testers can detect gross leaks, weak heat seals, channel leaks in seals, and small pinholes in flexible pouches, sealed and open bags, blister packs, tubes, bottles, and lidded trays. Uson, Houston, TX; 281/671-2000;

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