Product Update: Dependable Desiccants

Desiccants designed for optimal protection of products during storage and shipping.


Nondusting Canister

A desiccant canister is 100% nondusting. Designed in compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations and other quality standards, the canister meets the drying and packaging needs of pharmaceutical companies. The nontoxic canister can be used for high-speed, automatic desiccant insertion to eliminate moisture and odors from product packaging. The canister’s shape produces a reported fivefold increase in automatic insertion throughput over traditional desiccant sachets, and it removes the risk of loose-desiccant contamination. Sonic-welding technology embeds Tyvek end caps into the main body of the canister, which ensures a robust seal and product integrity. The fully breathable Tyvek membrane at both ends of the canister ensures good gaseous transmission regardless of which end is up. The canister does not require a separate label. Silgel Packaging Ltd., Telford, UK; +44 1606 868200;


A line of desiccants is available for the pharmaceutical and medical markets. Desiccants hinder degradation that can occur in a package as a result of moisture, oxygen, or other contamination. Some desiccants can be incorporated into the package to monitor humidity, temperature, and liquid conditions. The company offers a variety of desiccants in canisters, packets, inserts, tablets, and bags; it is also a full-service supplier of glass, plastic, and metal containers and closure systems. Healthcare Packaging Group, a div. of O.Berk Co. and Kols Containers, Union, NJ; 800/631-7392;

Desiccant Dispensing System

A dispensing system automatically inserts desiccant sachets at rates of up to 300 per minute. As a result, pharmaceutical companies can maintain optimal line speed and take advantage of a more cost-effective stability option for their products. The desiccant dispenser features checkpoints to ensure positive desiccant placement in packages and fast, consistent packet separation. The machine also offers remote spool unwinders with gas-purge capability to prevent packet exposure to moisture or oxygen. The portable gas-flushed units encase the desiccant spool, shielding it from moisture until it reaches the feed line. The company’s sorbent dispenser systems provide line-convenient touch screen speed flexibility and can configure easily to existing pack lines. The equipment can be used in conjunction with horizontal flow wrappers, vertical/horizontal form-fill-seal machinery, bottling lines, thermoformed/cold-formed pouching machines, and other packaging systems. Active-Pak Automation, part of Multisorb Technologies Inc., Orchard Park, NY; 716/662-3475;

Oxygen-Absorbing Canister

Oxygen-absorbing canisters can extend shelf life and efficacy of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products by protecting them against oxygen degradation. While traditional oxygen absorbers need moisture to absorb the oxygen, PharmaKeep is active as supplied, absorbing the gas at low relative-humidity levels. As a result, manufacturers can protect pharmaceuticals from both oxygen and moisture. The rigid, cylindrical shape of the canisters was designed for automatic, high-speed insertion into pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packaging; up to 1000 canisters can be fed per minute. The canisters’ rigidity makes it possible for them to run continually in a hopper system with no need to stop a filling line. Süd-Chemie Performance Packaging, Belen, NM; 800/989-3374;

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