Product Update: Capable Capsule Fillers

High- to medium-speed units are offered to suit any application.



Capsules are guided by a continuous-motion single turret through the different phases of filling. According to the maker of the Imatic capsule filler, this technique has proven to be the best way to combine reliability and dosing precision at speeds as high as 200,000 capsules per hour. A 100% check of compression force on the system’s dosators allows it to reject out-of-specification product and to adjust its working parameters. The system maintains its precision, even with low weights or low compression. The filler can be equipped with a completely automatic clean-in-place system. IMA Solid Dose Div., Bologna, Italy; +39 051 6514111;

Family of Fillers

A company offers a complete line of capsule-filling machines capable of outputs ranging from 3000 to 150,000 capsules per hour. Various units can be equipped to fill capsules with any combination of powder, pellets, tablets, and liquids. The family also includes capsule dedusters, capsule polishers, and capsule inspection equipment. CapPlus Technologies, Phoenix, AZ; 623/582-2800;

Vericap 4000

A high-speed capsule weigher and sorter features a single-weight sensor that rezeros itself between every weight measurement, even at speeds up to 2000 capsules per minute. The company claims that this capability enables the Vericap 4000 to run at the same line speed as most capsule fillers. An onboard checkweigher provides built-in analytical balance for a gravimetric capsule weight check. Proprietary enhancements, such as improved electronics and upgraded software, have increased the model’s accuracy over older ones. Nearly unlimited product menus and calibrations, a full statistical package for supervisory personnel, and three levels of software security with password protection are provided. In addition to weighing capsules, the system also sorts out capsules with problem formulations, splits, dents, chaffs, and debris, or those that are empty. Mocon Inc., Minneapolis, MN; 763/493-6370;


A fully automated hard-capsule-filling machine can handle a wide range of materials, including powders, granules, pellets, beads, pastes, oils, and liquids. The F-40 features a capsule rotary rectification system, during which no external pressure is applied to the capsules. This eliminates capsule defects such as deformation, scratching, and peeling of imprinted characters. The system maintains highly accurate fill weights of finished products. Compact in size, the machine operates at 40,000 capsules per hour. Shionogi Qualicaps, Whitsett, NC; 336/449-3953;

Legend 2500

An automatic capsule filler offers versatile combination- and partial-filling capabilities. The Legend 2500 uses reciprocating motion to draw capsules into the loading station, moving the capsules in nine vertical tracks. Designed with antijamming and auto-shutoff functions, two stations load and separate 18 capsules at a time. A tamping device gradually forms a slug by a series of five tampings in the dosing disk, and the sixth tamping stroke delivers the slug into the body of the capsule. According to the manufacturer, this process eases handling of a wide range of formulations and bulk densities, while maintaining filling precision. Capsules are closed and locked by means of closing pins and then ejected. The empty caps and bodies remaining are cleaned with compressed air and vacuum before the next cycle begins. Up to 150,000 capsules per hour can be filled with powder, and up to 110,000 per hour can be filled with pellets. PAM Pharmaceutical and Allied Machinery Company, Ltd. ACG Worldwide, Mumbai, India; +91 22 28682650;


With an output of up to 100,000 capsules per hour, a capsule filler features a modular design that allows different dosing units to be fitted at the same time. This feature permits filling of powders, pellets (up to four different types in the same capsule), microtablets, tablets, liquids, or herbal products in either single or multiple doses, and in all kinds of combinations. The Planeta has a built-in NETT weight control system for 100% verification of fill weights. Designed for ease of operation, the Planeta is equipped with an onboard industrial PC with color monitor, Windows NT, and a user-friendly interface to control machine functions. Other features include universal tablet feeding for overencapsulation of tablets, a vacuum system for capsule handling and cleaning functions, and fast changeover without change parts. MG America, Fairfield, NJ; 973/808-8185;

Model 301

A manual capsule filler can handle up to 300 capsules of one size per batch. Made of stainless steel to meet GMP requirements, Model 301 features interchangeable parts to accommodate different capsule sizes. The firm also offers Model PCL to increase output to production levels, achieving a rate of 8000 capsules per hour. CroPharm Inc., Milford, CT; 203/877-3859;


Capsule-filling systems are suitable for research and development, clinical trials, compounding, nutritional supplements, and overencapsulation. ProFill systems employ positive filling for new or hard-to-fill formulations and natural products because lubricants and other additives are not required. Available in models with 100-hole and 300/324-hole sizes, the ProFill is fast and easy to operate. Change parts for all capsule sizes snap-in and require no adjustments. All powder-contact parts are made of 316/304 stainless steel, anodized aluminum, or polycarbonate, helping users comply with GMPs. Fill weights meet USP standards. A full line of accessories are available, and a video is available online at www. Torpac, Fairfield, NJ; 973/244-1125;



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