Product Update: Barrier FOILS

These layers of foils block out oxygen and moisture.


Container Liners

A manufacturer offers liners made with an impermeable layer of aluminum foil. IBC liners are designed to help ensure long-term product integrity. They protect sensitive products, using such additional materials as nylon, Surlyn, and EVOH. The liners act as a barrier against oxygen and moisture. The manufacturer also features vertical fill spouts on its foil liners. These vertical spouts are designed to be easier to fill, and later to reseal, than angled fill spouts. Custom-sized bags are available. CDF Corp., Plymouth, MA; 508/747-5858;

Blister Foil Printing

Surface printing of standard blister foils is offered in a variety of configurations. A company provides two-sided and multicolor printing on push-through foil, child-resistant foils (peelable and push-through), and paper-backed foils. Overlacquers are also available. Both flexographic and rotogravure printing are offered by the company in small runs on existing customer stock. Hueck Foils, LLC, Wall, NJ; 732/974-4100;

Foil Lamination

A company is launching a high-barrier foil lamination. The Flexi 2122 is designed to hold chemically aggressive liquids, gels, or solids whose formulation has a tendency to attack traditional structures. The product is made from polyester that is laminated to foil and then laminated to Barex, an extra barrier layer manufactured by the company. The MVTR is <0.001 g/100 in.2/24 hr and the oxygen permeability is <0.001 cc/100 in.2/24 hr/90% RH. The Flexi 2122 is designed as a small primary pouch to hold a unit dose or a single serving of a liquid, gel, ointment, or cream. It can also be used to package applicating pads saturated with prescription or personal care formulations. Ampac Flexibles, Cary, IL; 847/639-3530;

Lidding Foils

A company offers a range of supported push-through and peelable lidding foils for pharmaceutical blister packaging. The Teknilid series features a variety of heat seal lacquers for blister webs, such as PVC, PVdC, PCFTE (Aclar) laminates, COC, CFF, PP, PE. Peelable or weld bond properties are offered for the heat-seal lacquers. The lidding foils can be printed in up to four colors on both sides, including UV inks to provide anticounterfeiting protection. Tekni-Films, Somerville, NJ; 908/722-4800;



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