Prent Targets Costs With New Material For Rigid Trays

Prent Corp. ( has announced the availability of a new medical-grade thermoform rigid packaging material developed to help customers’ reduce costs.
A styrenic-based, blended material, Medex641 provides an alternative to polyester, XT Polymer, and polycarbonate for rigid tray packaging. As a significantly less-dense material, Med 641 enables costs advantages, without sacrificing package integrity.
“There is a huge push throughout the medical device industry for an improved cost model not only in packaging but also in components and product assembly. Customers have requested a reduction in price of the total package,” says Joseph Pregont, president and CEO, Prent.
“We don’t have the ability to cut the price, so we needed an alternative solution,” Pregont adds.
While Prent has successfully employed design innovations and downgauged materials to reduce weight, “there is a limit to how thin deep draw medical packages can become using existing materials,” Pregont says.
Prent worked with sister company GOEX Corp. to research and develop a lighter-weight material that reduces the amount of material necessary to thermoform each package and total material cost.
Medex 641 features excellent flow, trims exceptionally clean, and forms with better distribution characteristics than some traditional materials.
Other features of the FDA and USP Class VI compliant material include enhanced strength and durability, excellent clarity, and the elimination of silicon—the coextruded product contains mechanical attributes that allow for easy formed-part separation, Prent says.
Prent has sold the material into the medical device industry where it has already been validated for use on a new product, Pregont says. The material is not exclusive to Prent; GOEX is in discussion with other converters and medic
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