Preformed or Customized Bags and Pouches

Various materials make bags and pouches resistant to tears and punctures.





Specimen transport bags are liquid tight and tamper evident. When filled with liquid, the bag can withstand 80 pounds of distributed surface loading without leaking. The patented adhesive closure and continuous seal also make it suitable for liquid containment. An optional resealable requisition pouch keeps paperwork dry and accessible during specimen transpose. The bag�s adhesive closure and wide seal polyethylene construction help protect healthcare workers from hazardous infections. The VonSeal can be ordered with a range of options. These include the choice of clear or opaque polyethylene and stock design or customer imprinted. Vonco Products Inc., Lake Villa, IL; 800/323-9077;

Pouches on a Roll

Pouches can be made with a variety of materials and shipped on a roll, which can then be fed into a thermal-transfer printer. Pouches on a roll can reduce costs when variable information must be printed on each package or when several items can fit in a one-size pouch. According to the company, they save the cost of labels and the labor for their application. Sterilization date, expiration date, lot numbers, etc., can be printed directly on each pouch. Customers use the same size pouch for different devices. Pouches on a roll allow them to order large quantities of plain or generic pouches printed with their logo, address, and phone number. 

Later, they can print necessary item information with their thermal-transfer printer. Beacon Converters Inc., Saddle Brook, NJ; 201/797-2600;

Core-Peel Pouch

A new pouch constructed of uncoated Tyvek 2FS is sealed to polyester coextrusion coated with Core-Peel technology. According to the company, the separate seal and peel layers of Core-Peel produce a clean peel, unlike traditional pouches made of uncoated Tyvek. A visible seal transfer confirms seal integrity. By using Tyvek 2FS, which is the lowest cost Tyvek option, this pouch offers cost savings compared with other Tyvek pouches. Amcor Flexibles Healthcare, Mundelein, IL; 800/447-0049;

Assorted Pouches

A company manufactures sterile packaging products for medical devices and surgical instruments, featuring Tyvek. Rush delivery service is offered on any size order in as little as a few days for both printed and unprinted products. The company offers technical support in the design of all packaging products, including graphics and print copy, material configuration, and dimensions of sterile pouches. All items are custom manufactured. Four-color printing is available for most materials. PeelMaster Packaging Corp., Niles, IL; 847/966-6161;

Pouch Films

Initially developed for horizontal form-fill-seal applications, specifications 30652 and 30655 can be used together to form one of the strongest pouching films on the market today, according to the company. These seven-layer coextruded nylon and polyethylene films provided a solution to pinhole and puncture problems experienced by a major pouch manufacturer. In addition, the improvement in abrasion resistance provided greater protection of the product during shipping and handling. These films are available in ranges of 3 to 10 mil thicknesses and can be used for peelable and nonpeelable pouches and bags, depending on the film combination used. Perfecseal, Oshkosh, WI; 920/303-7129;    

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