Precision sealers

Systems provide consistent, repeatable-quality seals.

Hot-Air Sealer

A fixed-speed, continuous hot-air sealer is designed to meet the requirements of FDA process validation guidelines. The medical sealer does not use Teflon-coated bands. According to the company, no bands results in less replacement cost and a decrease in downtime. The removal of the bands also results in fewer particulates in the cleanroom. The sealing temperature is fully PID controlled, and the seal pressure is air regulated, allowing for complete system calibration of the dynamic parameters that affect the seal integrity. A pressure switch on the front of the machine ensures that if the air were to leak out, the machine would reverse. A full procedure manual is also provided. O/K International Corp., Marlborough, MA; 508/303-8286;

Heat Sealer

A line of precision impulse bar heat sealers is designed to provide the consistent, repeatable seal quality required for medical pouch-sealing applications. The sealers are suitable for header bags and poly bags. They can also be used for Tyvek pouches, Kraft paper pouches, and many other multilayer structures. They offer digital display and alarming of all process control parameters. The cooling cycle can be either time or temperature based. The heat control system allows for a preheat temperature setting that will maintain a user-programmable specific ambient temperature level between cycles to minimize residual heat build-up. The standard machine is designed with a 3�8-in. upper heat-seal band. As an option, the machine can be piped to accommodate water cooling through the sealing die. Sealers are available in 15-, 30-, 45-, and 60-in. seal lengths and provide pass-through access and side-to-side access to the seal dies. Sencorp Systems Inc., Hyannis, MA; 508/771-9400;

MPS 14000

Using 25 in. of heat and 10 in. of water cooling, a high-speed industrial sealer has enough capacity to seal heavy-duty bags of any style and any heat-sealable material at production rates. Alternatively, with variable speed up to 1500 in. per minute, it can be used with any heat-sealable bag in environments where throughput is the top priority. The MPS 14000 comes standard with a removable sealing module that allows the operator quick change-out of Teflon bands, as well as giving quick access for cleanout and preventative maintenance. This PLC-run machine is controlled by a touch screen and offers the user complete control of each sealing parameter. An adjustable seal gap allows the machine to easily switch between different bags of varying thicknesses. Emplex Systems Inc., Toronto; 800/265-1775;

Tabletop Sealer

A medical tabletop sealer is suitable for medical applications where budget or space is a concern. Each pneumatically operated unit is available in 15-, 20-, and 25-in. seal lengths. A digital temperature controller allows programming of the temperature settings required to give products an airtight/ watertight seal. Each sealer is validatable and FDA/NIST traceable. Standard features include calibration ports, variable heat time, pressure gauge and regulator, and a tap-to-start foot pedal. Options include powder coat or stainless-steel finish, water-cooling bars, and a choice of single or dual heating elements. Aline Heat Seal Corp., Cerritos, CA; 562/229-9727; www.

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