Precision Fillers

Filling systems accurately dispense fluids, lotions, powders, and creams.



An automatic tube filling and sealing machine consists of a robotic tube infeed system that is suitable for both small- and large-diameter tubes. Oval tubes may also be fed at high speeds. Bottom-up filling is adjustable to suit each filling product and machine speed. The machine is available with mechanical or servomotor drives. A pick-and-place tube transfer takes tubes from the filling machine and places them into the product conveyor of a cartoning machine. The system incorporates a following movement to keep pace with the cartoner, providing smooth and safe placing of the tube. Multicolor filling, Design-A-Seal, and ink-jet or laser coding are available. Norden Inc., Branchburg, NJ; 908/534-1222;

Rotary Auger Filler
A continuous-motion rotary auger filler handles virtually any powder or granular product at speeds up to 400 cpm. Product is fed into a multistation rotating turret and then deposited into interchangeable receiving funnels. The Series 6000 machines handle unusual containers and are employed to meet high production requirements, according to the company. The fillers provide a dust-free filling area. Mateer Burt, Exton, PA; 610/321-1142;

A monoblock, continuous-motion liquid filler has been designed for the pharmaceutical industry. The ML651 features a cantilever construction that keeps product areas separate from mechanical parts. The unit, with an output speed of up to 150 bottles per minute, has a reciprocating walking beam to achieve higher speeds and filling precision using in-line technology. The filler is equipped with adjustable pumps that allow volumetric filling. Movements are controlled by brushless motors, which are controlled by a PC. The capping station is a rotary type. Marchesini Packaging, West Caldwell, NJ; 973/575-7445;

A dispense valve accurately dispenses up to 12 oz of solutions, lotions, and creams without overfilling, underfilling, or waste. Typical applications include filling pouches, foil packs, bottles, and sample containers. The 725HF-SS is designed to dispense consistent, repeatable volumes of low- to high-viscosity materials. Wetted parts are made from stainless steel or inert polymer for compatibility with a wide range of materials. The valve provides millions of accurate, trouble-free dispensing cycles and features a fast, clean cutoff that prevents dripping. It is simple to install on new or existing filling machines and provides fast, reliable operation in any position. EFD Inc., East Providence, RI; 888/333-0311;

Gen3 Pro/Fill 1000
A PLC precision volumetric liquid filler is suitable for free-flowing to low-viscosity products. Fill volumes are from 0.5 ml to 5 L at flow rates to 3 gpm. Accuracies to ±0.05% can be achieved. Standard features include an LCD with easy-to-use function keys and easy operator-interface access to every filler control function, including pump speed, volume, and cutoff adjustment for electronic control of no-drip product cutoff. The filler has automatic fill-volume computation; the user enters the trial fill weight and target, and the PLC does the computations. Oden Corp., Tonawanda, NY; 800/658-3622;


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