Polymers Entrained With DryKeep Promise Performance and Cost Benefits

DryKeep desiccating polymers from TricorBraun (St. Louis) can be incorporated into bottles and films to provide high moisture adsorption capacity and cost-effective manufacturing. Nutraceutical companies are using the desiccant entrained polymer technology in bottles, and in scoops delivered with powder concentrated mixes, says Jad Darsey, sales manager for strategic markets.

“Consumers will toss out dropped-in desiccants, so they don’t end up in the blender. We lay the DryKeep down on injection molded scoops as you would a colorant. The scoop can be in direct contact with the product, as it does nothing but gain weight,” Darsey says.

A natural salt-based desiccant that adsorbs 100% of its weight in water, DryKeep entrained in polymers are applied as monolayers to injection blow molded bottles, or extrusion blow molded into multi-layer bottles.
“Injection blow molded bottles are favored for most pharmaceutical applications for creating detailed neck finishes for child resistant closures. We load the desiccant into a polymer then add the polymer to the bottle resin in the amount required for an application,” Darsey says.
Manufactured by Sasaki Chemical (Japan), the desiccant absorbs moisture at a measured rate. This property supports formulating packaging to maintain specific internal relative humidity environments, Darsey says.
“We have major pharmaceutical companies evaluating DryKeep. They can get more protection for the same price as a traditional bottle with a drop-in desiccant, and simplify the filling process on their lines.
DryKeep’s desiccating capacity and the opportunity for cost-reduction is driving interest in its use in foil laminate pouches. In foil pouches packaging, the desiccant layer is used for moisture control in multi-use pouches, in instances where moisture needs to be removed after packaging, or in the packaging of probiotics that generate moisture, Darsey says.
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