Pharmapack Winners Solve Everyday Challenges with Innovation



Packages recognized in the Pharmapack Awards 2009 promoted the proper use of drugs and medical devices. Hospital pharmacist Philippe Arnaud, from Hôpital Bichat-Clause Bernard AP-HP and an expert with L’Agencie Française de Sécurité Sanitare des Produits de Santé, described the winners as embodying “quality, safety, and ease of use.”


First recognized in the “Proper Drug Use” category was Actonelcombi from P&G Pharmaceuticals. Mehdi Amriou, brand manager Actonel Western Europe, P&G Pharmaceuticals, said that the primary “aim was to help patients take a combined supplement treatment.” The monthly pack features four weekly cartons, each containing one blister-packaged tablet plus six effervescent granule–filled sachets.


Efferalgan from Bristol-Myers Squibb won the “Safe-Use Product” award. The product was packaged in a rigid stopper tube with the goal of offering patients an easy-to-open package with better ergonomics that maintained product shelf life. Somater manufactures the rigid tube in a highly automated process, and Airsec Süd-Chemie makes the caps. The plant for pack-aging Efferalgan was completely redesigned and now fills 150 tubes per minute, and 400 tubes are put into cartons each minute. Ten million units are produced per year.


In the “Medical Device” category, the Uriset 24 with Monovette from Sarstedt AG was recognized for its role in simplifying the transport and collection of 24-hour urine samples. The brown-colored container features a transparent area that allows users to read the amount collected, and an onboard bottle of the preservative hydrochloride acid allows users to stabilize the urine. The Monovette allows practitioners to safely sample the collected urine.


The “Compliance” winner, easOtic from Laboratoires Virbac, is designed to ease pet owner use so that treatments are completed. Bertrand Havrileck explained that acute external otitis is painful, and suffering pets are difficult patients, so owners often give up. Shortened treatments lead to recurrence, which leads to chronic infections.


Virbac designed an airless system with a pump that can be used in all positions. The rigid polypropylene container features a soft Surlyn pouch combined in a bag-in-bottle design. The dispenser sits at a 90° angle to allow cannula visibility during dispensing. Gaplast and Tirrit helped Virbac with package design.


A certificate was given in the “Respect for the Cold Chain” category. The Airliner from Coldpack was recognized for its vaccine transporter used for a World Health Organization project. The backpack-style container features inflatable polymer walls that protect against convection and conduction. Charles Henri Lehideux said the Airliner offers performance similar to that of a polyurethane container but is priced more like a polystyrene shipper. It can be transported easily to remote locations around the world riding on the backs of local residents.


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