Peroxide-Resistant Package Developed for Tooth-Whitening Product

Remedent’s whitening product required Tekni-Plex’s blister film with polypropyl-ene because of its inertness to peroxide.
The kit’s package, also by Tekni-Plex, was developed in a project set up to meet Remedent’s market-launch date.

To package its peroxide-laden foam strips, the basis of its tooth-whitening products, Remedent Inc. (El Segundo, CA) chose the COC P15P coextruded blister film from Tekni-Plex Inc. (Somerville, NJ). The film is based on Topas cyclic olefin copolymer (COC). The COC core layer is designed to provide chemical resistance, high moisture barrier, and inherent stiffness that gives the blisters their look and feel. Polypropylene outer layers in the film are designed to provide needed inertness to the peroxide. The tooth-whitening products, MetaTray (sold through dentists) and iWhite (sold over the counter) include a foam strip that users remove from the peelable blister pack, place in a dental tray, and then hold against their teeth.

Peroxide gel in the sponge bleaches discolored enamel. Tekni-Plex developed the package, including the tray and lid, in a fast-track project set up to meet Remedent’s market-launch date. The Teknilid WPSPPE peel-able lidding foil contains a peroxide-resistant adhesive to seal the blister.



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