Parenteral Packaging Provides Protection and Convenience

Parenteral packaging innovations help reduce needle-stick injuries and contamination risks.

A dual-chamber syringe offers safety during patient application, while minimizing product loss and packaging waste. The Lyo-Ject meets the lyophilization requirements of biotech companies in need of shelf-life maintenance of their products. The Lyo-Ject allows lyophilization of the drug to take place directly in the syringe, packaged with diluent for fast reconstitution and injection. This form of delivery is a cost-effective solution. Pharma-Turm Inc., a Vetter GmbH affiliate, Yardley, PA.

A needleless system for the reconstitution of parenteral drugs into prefilled diluent syringes features a universal luer-lock connection that allows for fast and safe reconstitution. The Bio-Set Injection system, which was recently acquired from Biodome, is available in 20- or 13-mm neck drug vials. The vials can be easily processed on existing filling equipment. After the vial is filled with powder or lyophilized and stoppered with a rubber closure, the injection device can be capped to the drug vial, which replaces the traditional aluminum crimp seal. Needle-stick injuries and contamination risks can be decreased with the Bio-Set Injection. Baxter, Round Lake, IL.

A cross-linkable, high-molecular-weight polydimethyl siloxane coating provides lubricity for rubber pharmaceutical stoppers. B2-Coating can reduce friction on stopper surfaces as they pass though filling lines, thereby improving processing speed. The coating is applied through a patented process that ensures consistent coating of each stopper. Additional benefits of the B2-Coating include reduced subvisible particulate matter, as well as minimal transfer of silicone particles into the solution, even after terminal sterilization. West Pharmaceutical Services, Lionville, PA.

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