A 13-mm-diam slant-head tube is suitable for miniature-sized products, travel testers, and high-end treatment formulations. It can be used as an alternative to single-orifice or needle-nose applicators in 13-mm tubes. The tube can be made of single-layer, multilayer, coextruded, metallic, or pearlized resins, and in a variety of decorations. International Cosmetic Suppliers Ltd., North Point, Hong Kong; +852 2201 6207;

Rotary Part Handlers

A lightweight series of lift and rotate part handlers are designed for small-part component transfer where a full mechanical or pneumatic pick-and-place device is not suitable. Using an ac motor and simple pneumatic cylinder, the Pneumati-Cam can be integrated into virtually any machine design, including those in cleanroom environments. CDS Corp., Sparta, NJ; 973/300-0090;

Tube-Filling Machine

A new tube-filler offers an innovative removal of its dosing unit. The Millennium 120 succeeds its earlier best-selling version. The new single-channel tube-filling machine operates at a speed of 120 items per minute. Easy, single-movement removal of the whole dosing unit makes for fast, easy size changeovers and cleaning, according to the manufacturer. Heads for processing plastic or aluminum tubes, including the hot-air system, are set up on the machine. Machesini Group SPA, Bologna, Italy; +39 347 9632938;

Heat Sealer

A heat-sealing machine was designed with laboratories and custom compounders in mind. The MTS7 features an all-stainless-steel construction, a built-in air compressor, front and back sealers, and solid-state timers. It has a maximum seal length of 7 in., a seal width of 0.25 in., and operates using 115 V ac. The company also offers the STS-7 model, which can be used on all polyethylene, laminated, and glaminated tubes. It is a self-contained unit with a built-in air compressor and solid-state heat and cool timers. An adjustable stainless-steel shelf with height gauges allows for easy changeover of various-height tubes., Jericho, NY; 888/212-0860;

Glass Tubes

A company uses state-of-the-art drawing processes to produce glass tubes for pharmaceutical and medical applications. Its glass tubing is appropriate for prefilled vials, injectable ampules, bottles, disposable medical products, and prefilled syringes. A wide range of standard sizes and protective coating options are based on scientific and pharmaceutical industry needs. Alcan Packaging Global Pharmaceutical, Millville, NJ; 856/825-0400;

Vertical Cartoner

A small-footprint cartoner uses a low-profile design, and features intermittent or continuous motion, a modular design, and easy change-out carton buckets. The vertical cartoner, suitable for pharmaceuticals, offers speeds of up to 120 cartons per minute, depending on the product. It has a servo-driven flight system, a vibration-free steel-base frame, a power-fed magazine, servo rotary carton setup, and overload protection. It is available in painted carbon steel or stainless-steel construction. Packaging Systems Automation Inc., Plymouth, MN; 763/473-1032;

Printing Options

A packager has three new printing capabilities to serve the market. New 3-D tactile printing will offer designers more options. Film-eliminating CTP technology allows for sharp images, superior registration, and no need for labels on white or light-color tubes. Shoulder printing and shoulder hot stamping are available for decorative tube elements. Vista Packaging Inc., Brooklyn, NY, 718/596-9200,


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