Packaging Resource Center: The Latest in Shipping Materials and Containers

Extended-Refrigeration Shipper

An insulated bulk shipper keeps loads of liquid biosubstances and cryo vessels at refrigerated temperatures for up to 120 hours. The Model 905 Media Transporter durable transport insulated shipper is an octagon-shaped container that maintains 2–8ºC temperatures for up to four days under ambient temperatures. The reusable container can hold bulk drums of liquid from 35 to 100 L. PolarPack Foam Brick refrigerants are loaded into sleeves to streamline packing time and replace mechanical refrigeration. Foam-in-place urethane insulates the rugged polyethylene seamless shell, which weighs 190 lb when empty. SCA North America NA, ThermoSafe Brands, Arlington Heights, IL; 847/632-9684;

Cold-Chain Packaging

A company offers a line of thermal-shipping containers designed to hold payload areas at targeted temperatures for extended periods of time. The Golden Hour Technology line of containers can lock in at various temperatures, including 4ºC, 22ºC, –20ºC, and –50ºC. The containers are currently employed by the United States military for the transport of blood, vaccines, and pharmaceuticals. They are fully self-contained and do not require any gel packs or wet or dry ice. This design feature is meant to reduce human error and time spent on packing. The line was designed in conjunction with the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. Minnesota Thermal Science LLC, Plymouth, MN; 763/412-4800;

Paper Cushioning

A machine fashions two sheets of kraft paper together to form a protective paper mattress for product shipment. PaperPlus mattresses are generally lightweight, but the pliability or rigidity of the mattresses varies based on the weight of the paper used. They feature tear and perforation resistance to ensure that packed items remain in place during shipping. The PaperPlus vertical machine provides a minimum output length of 6 in. and can accommodate coil, s-shape, fold-over, criss-cross, and block-and-brace packing methods. The paper can be recycled. Storopack Inc., Cincinnati, OH; 800/ 827-7225;

Pallet-Sized Shipper

An insulated shipper can hold a full pallet of product. The Cool Crate system features polystyrene foam panels that are designed to interlock for quick, easy assembly. The system includes two halves of an outer crate, top and bottom polystyrene panels, and four polystyrene interlocking side panels. Once the side and bottom panels are in place, product can be placed inside the crate; any remaining empty space can be filled with dry ice or insulating materials. Once the top half of the crate is slid into place, the two outer halves must be secured together using tape, followed by stretch wrapping and banding. Great Northern Corp., Appleton, WI; 800/236-3671;

Reusable Container

A temperature-regulated container is reusable and maintains desired temperatures without frozen gels, ice packs, or dry ice. The Kodiak R36 container can hold temperatures for five days. It can maintain an internal temperature of 2º–8ºC at an average ambient temperature of 25ºC. The Kodiak R36 is constructed with vacuum-insulated panels combined with phase-change material, a proprietary thermal shield, a temperature-regulating system, and an onboard data recording system. The onboard temperature monitor records ambient and internal temperatures every five minutes throughout shipping. The container provides 36 L or 1.27 cu ft of usable space for payload. No batteries or external power sources are required for thermal management of contents. Kodiak Thermal Technologies Inc., Houston, TX; 888/ GOKODIAK;

High-Performance Insulation

A manufacturer offers insulation with R values up to 45-per-inch thickness, which provides thermal resistance that is 6–10 times greater than traditional insulating materials, such as Styrofoam and polyurethane. With low thermal conductivity and high thermal efficiency, ThermoCor is designed to enable refrigeration and freezer systems to be built with more usable space in an existing footprint, achieve longer hold times, and reduce total cost. ThermoCor can be custom fabricated to exact requirements. It is available in multiple thicknesses to accommodate different R values and hold times. It limits heat transfer by both conduction and radiation. A 1-in.-thick panel of ThermoCor insulation can perform as well as 11 in. of traditional foam insulation. AcuTemp, Dayton, OH; 937/312-0114;

Form-Fit Liners

A manufacturer offers form-fitting plastic liners for intermediate bulk containers. Form-fit liners are cube-shaped liners designed to fit the internal shape of the container. They are easy to fill and designed to accommodate high-speed fills using an auto-unfold feature that reduces bag handling during filling. The form-fit liner’s square bottom is meant to reduce the need for a cassette, and it minimizes folds or pockets that trap residual product during dispensing. Custom-designed liners are also offered. The manufacturer offers liners in a variety of films, including Flexus, Barria, and Tenalon. Flexus is a monolayer, metallocene, linear, low-density polyethylene structure with flex-crack and puncture resistance. Barria is a three-layer lamination of metallized polyester that provides oxygen and moisture barrier. Tenalon is a coextruded nylon film with heat and puncture resistance and odor barrier. CDF Corp., Plymouth, MA; 508/ 747-5858;

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Shippers

A company’s expanded polystyrene (EPS) temperature-controlled package features specially molded grooves into which spacers can be slotted so that no inner carton is needed to keep cool packs and product separate. This design allows air to circulate around the product. The Meditherm M20 is a 48- to 72-hour EPS shipping system that uses four cool packs. It measures 395 × 330 × 395 mm externally and has a product area of 240 × 90 × 195 mm. Its overall weight is 4.8 kg. The Meditherm M21 is a larger, 72-hour shipper that uses six cool packs. Its external dimensions are 620 × 430 × 400 mm, and its product area measures 380 × 185 × 185 mm without an inner carton and 365 × 170 × 170 mm with an inner carton. The containers have been validated for summer and winter configurations. Laminar Medica Ltd., Hertfordshire, UK; +44 1442 828664;

Prequalified Shippers

A company offers a solution for shipping temperature-sensitive products without the need for expensive and time-consuming development. The TimeSaver 24 is a prequalified shipping container that is designed to conform to ISTA 7D summer and winter weather shipping conditions using the same packout configuration. The container is reusable and is designed to maintain the 2º to 8ºC temperature range for up to 24 hours. Prequalified TimeSaver containers are also available in 48- and 72-hour versions. TCP Reliable, Edison, NJ; 732/346-9200;



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