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Bag Separator


A fully automatic machine is designed to simplify the dispensing of air pillows. The AIRplus separates strands of air cushions into single air pillows, which then can be distributed and dispensed easily. The machine separates 8 × 4-in. and 8 × 8-in. straight-fed bags at a rate of 40 bags per minute. It can process 140 bags per minute when feeding a reservoir. Individual air pillows can be distributed to multiple packing stations through custom delivery systems. Spillage can be vacuumed back into the system and reused. Storopack Inc., Cincinnati; 800/827-7225;

Prequalified Shipper

Prequalified shippers are designed to provide temperature protection for refrigerated and frozen pharmaceuticals, biological specimens, and samples. Nomadic shippers that have passed thermal and transit testing conducted by ISC Labs are prequalified to maintain temperatures of 2°–8°C. The shippers were tested using universal packing configurations for summer and winter conditions at expressfreight ambient transit temperatures of –10° to 40°C. The containers are qualified to ship minimum loads, such as 1-ml syringes, and maximum loads, such as bottled liquids, based on the space allowed in each shipper model. The shippers include all components and refrigerants. They also feature lightweight expanded polystyrene inner shells designed to reduce shipping costs. ThermoSafe Brands, Tegrant Corp., Arlington Heights, IL; 800/323-7442;

Roll-Product Pallets

A company offers nestable pallets that are designed to store rolls of materials, such as film, foil, and paper, on their sides rather than on their ends, or eyes. They also can be fitted with bookends to store unused material. The pallet’s cradle-like design reflects the company’s eye-tothe- wall storage strategy for roll products. Instead of storing them vertically, which can be more precarious and can damage rolls, the strategy calls for storing rolls horizontally so that they are already in position for loading, unrolling, and rewinding. Stratis Corp., Indianapolis; 317/328-8000;

Dry-Ice Container

In response to more-stringent regulation by the FAA of how much dry ice is allowed in an aircraft, a container for temperature-sensitive product is designed to require less dry ice than traditional shippers. The D36 Deep Frozen container is constructed of high-impact plastics supported by injected foam to provide rugged protection of contents and increased insulation to maintain low temperatures. The unit has a payload capacity of 1.27 cu ft. It has a temperature range of –55° to –22°C. Temperature can be maintained for up to five days, depending on the amount of dry ice packed into the unit. The dry ice can be stored in the base of the shipper or on top of the payload in a proprietary corrugated box. The unit is self-contained and does not require an external power source. It is reusable and can be equipped with an onboard data logger. Kodiak Thermal Technologies Inc., Houston, TX; 713/686-1553;

Five-Day Thermal Shipper

A provider of thermal packaging solutions offers a prequalified universal shipper designed to maintain 2°–8°C temperatures for up to five days (120 hours). The KoolTemp GTS-120 features a 14-cu-in. payload. It is designed for long-term domestic or international shipments of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare products as well as of medical devices. The shipper’s temperature control is achieved through a combination of the company’s high Rvalue, non–ozone-depleting, custom polyurethane formulation, and Koolit refrigerants. The polyurethane is designed to provide better thermal protection than foams such as expanded polystyrene and other rigid polyurethanes. The Koolit bricks fit into separate coolant compartments in the shipper away from the product storage area. Cold Chain Technologies, Holliston, MA; 800/370-8566;

Temperature-Controlled Packaging

A range of temperature-controlled pharmaceutical packaging is manufactured with environmentally friendly thermal materials. Tempcell packaging solutions include Polynest, which features a nested design, and Silverbox, a multiuse, high-performance, thermalinsulated shipper made from recyclable LDPE. Tempshippers are a line of prequalified shipping systems available in several sizes and performance specifications, such as 48, 72, 96, and 120 hours of duration. Different temperature levels are available, from room temperature to frozen. Tempcell Americas, Marine City, MI; 810/765-8888;

Air Pillows

A company offers air pillows made with 1.5-μm-thick film. The film features a thinner construction than the company’s previous films. The pillows are designed to be used with the company’s Express 3 void-fill packing system. They are also designed to offer puncture resistance. The lighter gauge of film used to make the pillows is made of DuraClear linear low-density polyethylene, which is designed to offer high levels of clarity and strength. The thinner film also allows for more material capacity per box to facilitate longer production runs with fewer changeovers. The pillows feature the company’s proprietary EZ-Tear perforations, which enable the pillows to be separated quickly and easily. The air pillows are available in sizes 8 in. wide by 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 in. long. Automated Packaging Systems, Streetsboro, OH; 330/342-2000;

Urethane-Insulated Shipper

A prequalified, temperature-controlled shipper features urethane insulation instead of traditional expanded polystyrene. The TimeSaver96 PUR is designed to maintain a temperature range of 2–8°C for up to 96 hours. The shipper is designed to use the same packaging configuration for both winter and summer cycles so that packout and inventory are simple and easy. The payload capacity of the inner box is 5 × 5 × 5 or 0.07 cu ft. The overall dimensions of the multiple-use shipper are 16.25 × 18.5 × 20.25 in. It features Phase 5 thermal control panels, which are designed to keep the shipper’s footprint and weight to a minimum while ensuring the temperature is maintained. TCP Reliable, Edison, NJ; 732/346-9200;

Multi-Use Shipper

A full-sized, multiuse shipping container features removable thermalinsulation-chamber (TIC) insert with integrated phase-change material. The insert consists of matching lid and bottom panels with a hinged sidewall that folds flat. The Golden Hour commercial shipper is designed for local and regional shipping distances. Applications include holding chilled biomedical material between 1° and 10°C or 1° and 6°C, holding pharmaceuticals between 2° and 8°C, and holding frozen materials colder than –18°C. Payload dimens ions are 12.25 × 10.25 × 8.5 in. Minnesota Thermal Science LLC, Baxter, MN; 218/824-8533;

Pallet Software

Software for determining loading and shipping designs is configured to help packaging engineers optimize package design and pallet patterns. TOPS Pro software can be used to calculate package size and configuration, stacking strength, and truck configuration. The software uses real-time 3-D graphics to allow users to see what they are designing while they are designing it. Threedimensional design renderings can be viewed from any angle. Users can add dividers, pads, or shrink wrap to pallet and tray designs. The software enables users to test pallet patterns on predefined pallets or custom pallet sizes and styles. TOPS Engineering Corp., Richardson, TX; 972/739-8677;

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