Packaging Resource Center: The Latest in Sealers

Bag Forming and Sealing

An automatic in-line bag-making and -sealing system is designed for packaging medical supplies. The Magnum-MD forms and seals various materials such as Tyvek, polyethylene, and metallized and barrier films. Th e system uses continuous rollstock to produce bags in any length and reduce inventory costs. The system creates bag perforations and chevron seals along the rollstock. The seals are designed to lock out particles in the form-fill-seal process. The system features a 3¼-in. heat-seal bar, and both high and low pressure and temperature detection. Operations are halted should parameters be inconsistent with preset levels. Clamco Corp., Cleveland, OH; 800/299-1655;

Electric Heat Sealer

A provider of automation, compliance packaging, and medication-management solutions offers an electric heat sealer that requires no compressed air to operate. The AutoGen features a direct-drive motor and gearbox that provide more than 500 lb of sealing force. The system runs on 110 V and has an airflow design that creates lower heated-air emissions and provides quiet operation. It also features digital temperature controls, a removable baseplate that can be adjusted to operator height, and a dual timer for unit-dose or punch-card sealing. The system can use either a standard 5¼-in.-thick paddle for 6 × 9-in. punch cards or a 7¼-in.-thick paddle for multidose-format punch cards. MTS Medication Technologies, St. Petersburg, FL; 800/671-8437;

Vacuum-Chamber Sealer

A hot-bar sealer features a chamber that provides a vacuum draw up to 12 mbar. The 12-DDS/2 combined vacuum chamber and hot-bar pouch sealer is part of the manufacturer’s CeraTek line of equipment. The system features 12-in. heated dies, a PLC with a touch screen, and a top-load gas-shock-assisted door. The evacuation and gas-flush feature allows programming of up to nine cycle repetitions. The seal temperature range is ambient to 400°F, and the seal pressure range is 10 to 100 psi. Sencorp Inc., Hyannis, MA; 508/771-9400;

Open-Fill-Seal System

A system is designed to open, fill, and seal large, premade bags and pouches for packaging medical devices and trays. The Maverick automated bar sealer (ABS) for pouches can seal Tyvek, strip header bags, and foil and barrier pouches. The system can be manually or automatically loaded and features product loading at a 30° incline for gentle product handling. It can be integrated with a second bar-seal system for higher production rates, an embossed-code system, and a diving snorkel system for both modified-atmosphere and controlled-atmosphere packaging. About Packaging Robotics Inc., Thornton, CO; 303/449-2559;

Rotary Sealers

A line of rotary sealers is designed for sealing foil to a range of containers. The line is engineered for high-volume sealing and can be integrated with rotary fillers and freestanding capping systems. Systems are available with conduction or induction sealing heads. Lower-volume production and in-line sealing equipment and services are also offered. Integrity Machine Services, Clare, MI; 989/386-0216;



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