Packaging Resource Center: The Latest in Package Testers

A single-port, high-resolution test instrument is offered in three forms. The TME Worker is available as a leak tester, a leak-and-flow tester, or a leak-and-occlusion tester. It can be configured for pressure- or vacuum-decay leak testing. It has the capacity to store 100 individual test programs and can hold up to 5000 test results. Its footprint is designed for benchtop, laboratory, and industrial use. It also features PLC controls. Certain configurations of the instrument enable the tester to perform combinations of leak tests. TM Electronics Inc., Boylston, MA; 508/869-6400;

Ampule Leak Tester

A micro leak tester is designed to evaluate and analyze the integrity of vials, ampules, and other rigid pharmaceutical containers. The VeriPac Model 325/VA test system features precision and repeatability. Test components are optimized for high-sensitivity applications and high resolution requirements. The tester is nondestructive and can detect micro leaks in filled and sealed small containers. It is also designed to be a practical alternative to a helium leak test. The system uses a vacuum-decay leak-test method. Packaging Technologies & Inspection (PTI), Tuckahoe, NY; 914/337-2005;

Impact Tester

An impact-testing instrument is designed to measure energy absorption and related impact properties of polymers, metals, composites, and components. The Dynatup 9250 has a drop tower featuring complete computer control. The instrument can run impact tests with velocities up to 20 meters per second for rigorous testing in quality control and research and development. The tester captures, plots, and analyzes the entire impact event to enable the user to monitor characteristics of the impact test, such as incipient damage, ductile-to-brittle transition point, maximum load, and total energy absorbed. Instron Corp., Norwood, MA; 800/564-8378;

Pressure-Decay Leak Tests

A manufacturer of air-pressure-decay leak test instruments offers a range of compact testers. The 5-series instruments are designed to offer shorter cycle times, higher accuracy, and increased measurement stability compared with previous models. They feature LCD displays and user-friendly interfaces. The series offers two other features: the interface panel can be mounted from the measurement unit and the pneumatic connections can be fitted on the front or the rear of the instrument. Ateq Corp., Canton, MI; 734/451-9449;


Bench Top Leak Tester

A leak tester features a 32-bit system that processes proprietary test algorithms to provide repeatable and accurate leak test data. The Sentinel I-24 can be configured to perform multiple tests, including pressure and vacuum decay, pressure gain, and mass-flow testing. It also features environmental drift correction. Cincinnati Test Systems Inc., Cleves, OH; 513/367-6699;

Carton Leak Detector

A company offers two nondestructive leak detectors designed to provide water-free leak tests of shipping cases and individual boxes containing pharmaceutical products. The LeakMatic is an in-line leak detector and the LeakPointer is a stand-alone tester. Both units feature a sensor that uses trace CO2 gas to detect the leak. If there is a leak, some of the gas will leak out of the package into the test chamber for measurement. The sensor immediately activates an alarm to indicate that the package has a leak. PBI-Dansensor America Inc., Glen Rock, NJ; 201/251-6490;

Testing Services

A company offers a range of testing services for packaging. Because materials behave differently in compression than they do in tension, the company offers compression testing for plastic and foam materials. The material test system uses small compression platens and a low-force compression load cell to provide lateral compression capacity of, for example, HDPE bottles. DDL Inc., Eden Prairie, MN; 952/941-9226;

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