Packaging Resource Center: The Latest in New Products

A company has developed an adhesive process for blister cards and heat-sealed packaging. It is designed to be a less-expensive alternative to precoated board stock. The adhesion process is designed to reduce the cost of raw materials and help streamline package contruction. Chaucer Press Inc., Wilkes-Barre, PA; 570/825-2005;

Inspection Camera System

A multifunctional camera inspection system features a 12-in. color touch screen with a built-in processor that uses Laetus Navigator Web browser software. The Argus wt30 Inspect system uses compact cameras to inspect bar codes, OCV/OCR print control, label and cap skew, and sequential numbering. The system can be fitted with up to four cameras (32 inspection windows) per vision module. Hapa & Laetus Inc., Rockaway, NJ; 973/983-2700;

Combination Packaging

A provider of shrink-sleeve packaging and printing offers shrink-sleeve combination packaging designed to enhance product presentation and eliminate the need for pamphlets, outserts, or additional secondary packaging. The shrink-sleeve combo pack features double-seam technology that enables the company to combine dissimilar-sized packages into one unit. The double-seam shrink bond is designed to provide full product and label visibility. Gilbreth, Croydon, PA; 800/630-2413;

Improved Safety Features

A light safety curtain is designed to restrict the cycle operation of a bagger when the optical detection field is obstructed. The LC-10 features a new shut-off function that stops the air supply that is used to power the seal bar any time something moves across the optical detection field. The redesign improves operator safety. Advanced Poly-Packaging Inc., Akron, OH; 800/754-4403;

Solventless Overwrap

A solventless overwrap lamination is offered for primary or secondary packaging applications. Flexi-Free 6836 is designed to provide high barrier protection for applications that don’t require the highest performance properties of more-expensive foil-based structures. The polyester lamination features a layer of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) that is formulated to enhance the material’s puncture resistance and seal strength. Ampac Flexibles, Cincinnati; 513/671-1777;

Medical Laboratory Bags

A company offers specimen-transport bags designed to tear open easily and safely. TearZone bags tear open without a perforation or score line, and Zippit bags are designed to contain liquid specimens without leaking. The bags were created as a safer alternative to reclosable poly specimen bags that had to be slit open with a razor blade. And because there is no perforated edge or score line, contents are more secure within the sealed bag. Jericho, NY; 888/212-0860.


Premade-Pouch Fill-Seal

A filling and sealing machine is designed specifically for handling magazines of premade pouches. The B 2500 feeds premade pouches to walking-beam grippers. The pouches feature rigid paper material on one side and a thin, flexible polyethylene material on the other. To prevent wrinkles in the construction, the machine uses an alloy metal sealing bar designed to provide accurate heat dispersion with little or no temperature variation across the bar. The machine processes up to 50 pouches per minute. Duma Packaging, Sarasota, FL; 941/360-8833; Duma is a division of Bossar, Barcelona, Spain; +34 902 406090;

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