Packaging Resource Center: The Latest New Products

Two-Piece Valve and Retention Ring Closure
A company brings a two-piece closure to the U.S. market. The new two-piece valve and retention ring are coinjected molded of polypropylene. They differ from conventional designs that include a closure, valve, and retention ring. The valve can be manufactured from thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) in order to contain condiments or personal care products, according to the manufacturer. TricorBraun; 800/325-7782;


Integrated Elastomeric Valve Sealing
A new system allows integration of elastomeric valves into thermoplastic components. The patent-pending  CannuSeal System is designed with two MediFlo elastomeric valves to securely seal against cannula, trocars, introducers, and other instruments during insertion and withdrawal. This system prevents almost all fluid and pressure loss when a cannula passes through and can be used for multiple insertions and withdrawals, while continuing to prevent pressure loss, according to the manufacturer. The company says this technology will increase the options for medical procedures where control of pressure or fluid loss is critical, and its engineers will work with customers to customize the system to meet specific needs and requirements. LMS, Midland, MI; 989/631-8030;

Communication Software
A company introduces a suite of communications capabilities for a vision system. Cognex Connect enables out-of-the-box connectivity between In-Sight vision systems and many PLC, robot, HMI, and Fieldbus systems in factory automation. A point-and-click configuration interface enables control of multiple vision systems from network PCs, and allows users to transfer data and images to an enterprise file server or display them in the user’s own operator interface. The standard suite includes preconfigured drivers, ready-to-use templates and sample code to accelerate system set-up and ensure smooth communication with factory automation robots and controllers. Cognex Corp.; 877/COGNEX 1;

Desiccant Bottles
A company introduces a family of desiccated bottles. The new family is available in child-resistant and nonchild-resistant options ranging in size  from 54–120 ml. These containers are two-shot molded and the inside walls are made of the manufacturer’s patented deiccant plastic. CSP Technologies Inc., Auburn, AL; 334/ 887-8300;

Temperature Sensor
A company introduces cold-chain sensors to monitor the temperature of temperature-sensitive healthcare products. New cold chain sensors monitor variations of 1°F for temperatures ranging from –15° to 50°F. These electronic sensors, which can be read through portable noncontact readers and GPS systems, can track temperatures ranging from two days up to two years. Customized programmable features include setting delays for temperature measurement start time, setting time intervals for reading temperatures ranging from two seconds to nine hours, and output formats. The sensors can also record how long the product was outside of the recommended temperature range. Sensors can have customized printed information on them and are reusable, flexible and offer a self-adhesive reverse side. Cortegra, Fairfield, NJ; 800/242-4657;

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