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A line of heat-shrinkable tubing is offered. Texfluor FEP tubing functions in temperatures as high as 400°F. It is designed for covering medical instruments, thermometers, and other instruments that require protection. The tubing features good flexibility. It is supplied in an expanded state to allow easy slippage over instruments, fittings, and other protrusions. When heated, the tubing conforms to the size and shape of the original object, providing a protective covering. It is designed to protect against heat, water, dust, and corrosion. Custom lengths are available. Parker/Texloc, Parflex, a division of Parker Hannifin Corp., Ft. Worth, TX; 800/423-6551;

Color OCR Sensors

Four optical character recognition (OCR) sensors are designed for color-inspection tasks such as measuring the area of a learned color, detecting the presence or absence of a color, and identifying products based on color and color matching. The line of color-OCR vision sensor solutions includes the CVS1 Easy, CVS2, CVS3, and CVS4. The CVS1 Easy is designed to allow the user to detect and distinguish between up to eight colors. The CVS2 is equipped to detect and sort between 15 colors. The CVS3 features a contour vision sensor for shape inspection. The CVS4 features a sensor designed to read up to 60 characters on six lines. The sensor also provides verification of date and lot codes. SICK Inc., Minneapolis, MN; 952/941-6780;

Infrared Measurement

A manufacturer of precision noncontact thickness measurement systems offers a system that features infrared optical technology to measure single- and multiple-layer films and components simultaneously. The OptiGauge system is designed to be used on a manufacturing line or in a quality-assurance laboratory, or in both places at the same time. The system projects an invisible beam of infrared light—which is safe to the eyes—onto the surface of the film to be measured. The reflected light from each of the individual layers is used to determine thickness. The system can gauge multiple layers ranging from 12 µm to 8 mm thick at a scan rate of up to 200 Hz. Up to eight different measurement units can be multiplexed on a single system to maximize efficiency and minimize cost. Lumetrics Inc., Rochester, NY; 585/214-2455;

Pouch Sealer

A validatable pouch sealer has been redesigned to incorporate new features. The Medvac Plus is designed to have the reliability and features of the original Medvac sealer with new features designed to improve machine safety and output. The new sealer features a fully adjustable frame height and dual emergency-stop buttons mounted on both sides of the work shelf. It also features a cover designed to prevent unintentional access to all moving components. The 5¼16-in.-wide seal bars feature a selector switch that allows the operator to heat only one or both of the seal bars. The unit also features a digital temperature controller and digital timers for the various stages of the sealing process. Packaging Aids Corp., a division of PAC Machinery Group, San Rafael, CA; 415/454-4868;

Sealing Tapes

A company offers a line of sealing tapes as well as customized solutions for molecular technology applications. ARseal tapes are designed for use with microtiter plates, microfluidic chips, and microarrays for applications such as high-throughput screening, cell culture, and compound storage. The tapes are designed to be resistant to polar organic solvents, acids, and alcohols. They are also designed to be resistant to high and low temperatures, to bond well to low-surface-energy plastics with minimal pressure, and to provide high optical properties for test detection. Adhesives Research Inc., Glen Rock, PA; 717/235-7979;

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