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Roller-Ball Bottle

A glass bottle features a stainless-steel roller ball and lined threaded cap. The roller ball has a polyethylene housing and is designed to resist clogs and rust. The polypropylene cap features a polyethylene liner designed to prevent leaking and evaporation. Custom cap colors and alternative roller-ball materials are available. Qosina, Edgewood, NY; 631/242-3000;

Metallized OPP Films

A line of ultra-high-barrier metallized oriented polypropylene films is designed to provide 10 times the oxygen barrier of previous metallized films from the manufacturer. Torayfan PC5 and Torayfan PWX5 are both biaxially oriented films that are vacuum deposited with aluminum on the proprietary ultra-high-barrier layer. PC5 is treated on the other side for laminations and cold-seal applications; it is designed for use as an inner web or a middle ply of multilayer laminations. PWX5’s other side is heat sealable. The film is designed for use as an inside sealant web for gas-flushed applications. Torayfan CBS-2 high-barrier clear film is also heat sealable. Toray Plastics (America) Inc., North Kingstown, RI; 401/294-4511;

Thermal-Transfer Printer

A thermal-transfer printer and coder combines intermittent and continuous-motion printing in a single unit. The EasyPrint Duo features a clutchless ribbon cassette that is easy to change. The machine is designed to provide the same speed and power of the manufacturer’s other printers while providing variable data printing and coding onto substrates such as Tyvek, film, and foil. It can be configured with an optional touch screen interface. Bell-Mark Inc., Pine Brook, NJ; 973/882-0202;

Urethane-Insulated Shippers

Urethane-insulated shippers are designed to provide a high level of thermal insulation. These cold-chain shippers are constructed from durable, lightweight expanded polystyrene panels that are designed for multiple shipments. The corrugate can easily be replaced for reuse. Prequalified shippers for summer and winter conditions as well as 2°–8°C applications are also available. TCP Reliable, Edison, NJ; 732/346-9200;

Inverted-Mount Robot

A provider of vision-guided robotics offers a SCARA robot featuring fully integrated vision and conveyor tracking that is designed exclusively for high-speed packaging. The Cobra s800 is designed for overhead mounting and has servo controls and amplifiers embedded into the base of the robot. The robot has a reach of 800 mm, a 210-mm vertical axis, and a maximum payload of 5.5 kg. It also features a SmartController CX capable of controlling up to 24 additional axes of motion. The robot can also be used on material-handling, dispensing, and other automated equipment applications where standard floor-mounted SCARA robots will not fit in the available workspace. Adept Technology Inc., Livermore, CA; 800/292-3378;

Servo-Driven Blister Machines

A line of servo-driven blister pack machines features a positive-transfer system. The BP-series machines’ balcony-style construction is designed to separate the mechanics of the machine from the drives to eliminate product clogs caused by particles and dust. The machines are completely driven by independent servomotors that are designed to enable the adjustment of individual process times without affecting other stations on the machines. The positive-transfer system also helps reduce the potential for jamming by continuously guiding the blisters through the machine. IWKA PacSystems, Fairfield, NJ; 973/227-5575;

High-Speed Blister Machine

A high-speed blister machine is designed for high-volume production runs and is capable of reaching output speeds of up to 1300 blisters per minute, or 450 cartons per minute. The C96-A96 features balcony-style construction to allow complete accessibility and easy cleaning. It has no moving mechanical parts below the feeding area. The continuous-motion machine also features rotary sealing and is designed to provide good heat distribution in the forming and sealing areas. The system has an integrated blister-rejection system, positive transfer between the blister and cartoning machine units, and is designed to provide precise blister cutting. IMA S.p.A., Bologna, Italy; +39 051 783111;

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