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High-Temperature Oils

Synthetic gear oils are formulated to provide corrosion protection, shear stability, aging and oxidation resistance, and high-temperature stability. Klübersynth UH1 6 oils were developed for lubricating worm gears with steel or bronze pairings. Polyglycol base oils and additives are designed to reduce friction and ensure good wear protection. The oils can be used for lubricating bevel and spur gears and machine elements such as plain and rolling bearings that are exposed to high temperatures. They can be applied by immersion, immersion circulation, or injection. Klüber Lubrication North America L.P., Londonderry, NH; 603/647-4104;


An unscrambler features adjustable sorting-bowl, turret, container-chute, and container-transport stations. The NERBU has an optional touch screen available that allows changeovers to be completed automatically. It can be configured with an optional pucker to automatically place containers after unscrambling. Optional air rinsers, including passive, evasive, and invasive systems, are available. It has a rotary-turret design and a small footprint and offers beltless unscrambling. The machine can handle round, oval, rectangular, and square containers ranging in size from 11¼ to 5 in. diam and 15¼ to 8 in. high. New England Machinery Inc., Bradenton, FL; 941/755-5550;

Child-Resistant Closure

A 24-mm flip-top dispensing closure is designed to be child resistant. The one-piece closure can be opened by squeezing and lifting the lid. When used with an optional refillable neck style, the closure can be removed by squeezing and turning it. A linerless seal for HDPE and PVC packages with various orifice sizes is also offered. The closure features a snap-back living hinge. It has a senior-friendly design that is easy to open with one hand. It also features high application torque with modified buttress threads designed to increase flexibility with capping equipment and provide resistance to stripping, bulging, and product leakage. Rexam Closures & Containers, Evansville, IN; 812/868-2228;

Robotic Case Packers

A company offers robotic case-packing systems that feature reprogrammable four-axis FANUC robots and custom-designed end-of-arm tooling. The LRC-500 and LRC-700 have a wide variety of standard options and case-handling modules that are available for customized integration. The LRC-700 features a product-infeed module that uses pneumatically operated stops and rails to accumulate, stage, and group trays received from upstream equipment. The machine picks the collation from the tray-staging system and loads the case directly. A series of sensors verifies that the load has been properly placed. Langen Packaging Inc., Mississauga, ON, Canada; 905/670-7200;

Foil Primer

A company offers an aqueous primer for aluminum foil. Polaqua 138 is designed to be a high-performance primer for water-resistant bonds of polyethylene to aluminum foil by lamination or extrusion. It can be used for combinations of LDPE or Surlyn lamination to a foil substrate. The primer is designed to bond well at standard extrusion temperatures. ADM Tronics Unlimited Inc., Northvale, NJ; 201/767-6040;

Foil Lidding

A manufacturer of sterilization packaging offers a line of sterilizable foil lidding. TPC-0810 is a coated-paper-surfaced foil lamination that is heat sealed. It is designed to be free of pinholes and has a moisture-vapor transmission rate of less than 0.000062 g/100 sq in./24 hr. The paper base is designed to provide a smooth printing surface. The manufacturer’s heat-sealed, coated, puncture-resistant barrier lidding and heat-sealed, coated-polyester lamination are available for roll-fed applications. Tolas Health Care Packaging, Feasterville, PA; 215/322-7900;

Linear Actuator

A manufacturer of nonball leadscrews offers its leadscrew-driven linear actuator, which is designed to provide an alternative to pneumatic actuators for improved accuracy and motion control. The machine is designed to allow the operator to move the actuator to any position and vary the speed within the stroke, which provides the necessary flexibility to accommodate various sizes, shapes, and package changes. Kerk Motion Products Inc., Hollis, NH; 603/465-7227;

Shrink Bundler

A shrink bundling system features a combined tunnel and wrapping module on a frame less than 12 ft long. The SB-2030 can shrink-wrap up to 30 packs per minute. It is designed to handle products shipped on corrugated trays, pads, U-boards, or with film only. The system is belt-fed and is designed to accommodate products up to 24 in. wide and 12 in. tall, at almost any length. It features a cradle-type film-delivery system that loads from the side without the need for mandrels. Positive film feed via a nip roller allows flying splices from the end of one roll to the start of the next roll to reduce film waste. It also features a cross-seal system that cuts and seals the film at the same time. Lantech, Louisville, KY; 800/866-0322;

Wallet Packaging

A wallet packaging system produces wallets that are tamper evident and reclosable. The CUT130SW system has a small footprint and produces SmartWallets at a rate of up to 100 wallets per minute. The outer sleeve of each wallet is preglued and then erected and loaded with a blister pack. The blister is then glued into the outer sleeve of the wallet by the system’s lateral holding flaps. Leaflets or booklets can be preconfigured in the outer sleeve, inserted into the wallet during packing, or be integrated into the outer packaging. Bosch Packaging Technology, Minneapolis, MN; 761/493-6133;

Large-Format Coding System

A company offers a line of large-format thermal-transfer coding systems. The NGT series is designed to provide one of the largest print areas of intermittent-motion thermal-transfer coders available. The series consists of four intermittent-motion coders and one coder that can operate in either intermittent- or continuous-motion mode, with quick conversion. That model, the NGT 6 CM, can produce a print area of up to 6.3 × 40 in. The intermittent-motion coders’ print engine can be rotated within the print module frame, which enables the operator to configure the coder to produce the shortest stroke possible for any given application. Norwood Marking Systems, Downers Grove, IL; 630/968-0646;

Loose-Pouch Feeder

A loose-pouch feeder is designed to reduce the risk of an opened pouch spilling its contents into the container or tray. The OT feeder model takes pouches from loose bulk quantities instead of from a roll. The system is designed as a stand-alone unit or it can be retrofitted with existing or new equipment. It can be attached to cartoners, baggers, bucket conveyors, and tray thermoformers. Palace Packaging Machines, Downingtown, PA; 610/873-7252;


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