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Blister Lidding

A company offers child-resistant blister lidding. The Safety-Pak Plus film- and-foil blister lidding material uses the peel-push opening process but its film exterior can accommodate full-panel-peel without tearing. This design makes it simpler for the consumer to gain access to the push-through foil. The exterior film is also designed to provide a higher-quality printing substrate than paper to enhance graphics. It can be integrated with flexo and UV ink printing systems. The lidding material also provides high burst strength and puncture resistance. It offers a broader sealing window than previous blister lidding materials so it can achieve secure seals at lower temperature, which benefits temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals. Alcoa Packaging, Richmond, VA; 804/281-2262;

Four-Side-Seal Bags

A producer of specialty packaging solutions has extended its product range of PVC-free infusion bags to include a four-side-seal bag. The existing Propyflex bags are top and bottom sealed. The four-side-seal bags are available in 100-, 250-, and 500-ml sizes. The bags are soft and transparent, and collapse as the bag is emptied so that no air can penetrate to potentially contaminate the contents. The bags are designed to provide a water-vapor barrier to protect the infusions inside. The bags are also designed to be thinner than PVC bags to reduce disposal costs. Kobusch-Sensgewald GmbH, Halle, Germany; +49 5201 708283;

Fitment Pouches

A company offers pouches with standard fitments as well as custom-designed pouches for specific applications or products that are difficult to contain. It has designed a nylon fitment to seal to a pouch with a metallized polyester and Capran nylon sealant layer. The firm also provides machines for automated sealing and fitments that take the form of tubing. Pactech LLC, Rochester, NY; 585/458-8008;

High-Barrier Pouches

An ultra-high-barrier, foil-based material for moisture- and oxygen-sensitive pharmaceutical and medical device applications is available in premade pouches and rollstock. Flexi 6611, comprising polyester/adhesive/aluminum foil/adhesive/clear polyethylene (outside to inside), is designed to extend shelf life through packaging for drug-delivery systems such as metered-dose inhalation devices and for sensitive pharmaceuticals. The pouches also feature a proprietary solventless technology, Flexi-Free, using custom-designed laminating equipment and an adhesive formulation. The laminate is engineered to enhance sealing and machinability, and to increase production speeds. High-end graphics are available. Ampac Flexibles, Cincinnati, OH; 513/671-1777;

Nonabrasive Wipe

A wipe is composed of a blend of virgin polypropylene and cellulose. The materials are layered and ultrasonically bonded into a uniform, tough fabric called Synergy. It is nonabrasive and solvent resistant. The wipe also is highly absorbent. It is available in 8- and 12-in. square sizes. High-Tech Conversions Inc., East Windsor, CT; 860/370-9829;

Bar-Seal System

An automatic bar-seal system is a miniature robotic open-fill-seal system designed to process premade barrier pouches and bags for medical devices and diagnostic test kits. The Pouchmaster ABS is 5 × 4 in. and is clean-room compatible. Optional features include a snorkel vacuum and flush device for modified-atmosphere and controlled-atmosphere packaging (MAP and CAP respectively) and emboss coding for lot number and expiration date. The four-station system has two product-loading stations. It produces 40 to 60 packages per minute. The system automatically picks the filled pouches from the indexing head and places them into the jaws of the PID-cartridge-controlled heat bar. About Packaging Robotics Inc., Thornton, CO; 303/449-2559;

Dispensing Valve

A company offers a diaphragm valve designed for precise flow control of low- to medium-viscosity materials. The VD510 features a stroke-adjustment knob that controls shot sizes. It can be used for stand-alone bench dispensing or machine integration. The valve separates the wetted parts from the driving parts. It is can dispense cyanoacrylates, electrolytes, reagents, solvents, alcohol, and other volatile substances. The valve opens to dispense material when air pressure is applied to the valve. After the dispense cycle finishes, a spring helps close the valve for immediate shutoff. I&J Fisnar Inc., Fair Lawn, NJ; 201/796-1477;

Label-Making Software

A provider of in-line printing solutions has developed an updated version of its label-making software. VersaStyle 3.4 can be used with the company’s EasyPrint thermal-transfer printers and coders. The updated software features an improved OLE (object linking and embedding) interface, as well as the ability to open files created in older versions of the software. A save-as feature also allows files to be saved in older formats. The software also features a USB hard lock. Bell-Mark Inc., Pine Brook, NJ; 973/882-0202;

Open-Side Conveyor

An open-side, low-profile stand for small- and medium-sized conveyors is designed to allow an operator to complete a belt change in less than two minutes. On large conveyors, the quick-change design can help significantly reduce changeover time. The stand’s design also allows for open-tiered mounting of multiple conveyors up to 12 in. wide. The stand features a rigid, one-piece steel frame that uses cantilever-style construction with single-side support to enable quick changes. Conveyor Technologies Ltd., Milford, OH; 513/248-0663;


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