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Electronic Tablet Counter

A manufacturer of automation equipment offers an electronic tablet counter that features dual-view optical sensing technology. The dual-view sensor is designed to scan a three-dimensional image of each individual tablet and calculate its volume. It can scan at speeds of more than 2000 scans per second. The technology is designed to provide 100% inspection of the volume of each tablet as well as the number of tablets in every bottle. Undersized and oversized tablets are tracked and rejected. The machine features toolless changeover and a setting for minimum and maximum tablet volume thresholds. It can accommodate a variety of output requirements and bottle and tablet sizes. It processes capsules, gel caps, or caplet products. Diamond Machine Werks, Arlington Heights, IL; 847/ 437-0665;

Child-Resistant Stickpack

A company offers a single-use stickpack that features a child-resistant, yet senior-friendly, opening. The TearStick is a four-side-seal sachet made of plastic film that features a printed tear indicator with instructions. The tear indicator can also be combined with a fold-first or squeeze-first operation. The child-resistant tear-open feature can also be incorporated into other packaging formats, such as pouches and sachets. The packs can be printed in up to eight colors. Amcor Flexibles, Mundelein, IL; 847/362-9000;

Vision Inspection

An automatic vision inspection machine is designed for particle inspection of vials, ampules, and dental cartridges. The K32 is designed to inspect liquid and lyophilized product at a rate of up to 600 pieces per minute. It can also inspect empty containers for cosmetic imperfections. Multiple reject trays enable the machine to separate rejected containers by categories and priority. It is also designed to identify naturally occurring bubbles. The inspection machine features an LED light source and a PLC. Brevetti CEA S.p.A., Sovizzo, (VI) Italy; +39 04 44551988;

Slitter Rewinder

A provider of packaging solutions and film and foil products offers slitting operations on its slitter rewinder at one of its facilities. The slitter rewinder is designed with several improvements over older slitter machines. It features full computer control designed to eliminate operator intervention and better web control to minimize weave. The slitter also features improved roll-tension control and an automatic unloading system that runs at speeds up to 1000 ft/min. The laser core positioning feature is designed to provide accurate edge-wind control. The machine also features programmable, automatic knife positioning designed to provide accurate blade setting for slit widths. The slitter has three static-eliminator bars and lay-on roll technology designed to provide uniform web and winding-tension control. Bilcare Inc., Phoenixville, PA; 610/935-4300;

Ink System

A supplier of nontoxic and specialty inks and coatings offers an ink system designed to print on untreated polypropylene without the need for corona treatment. The No-Tox MD-1608 alcohol and grease resistant and can be sterilized. The system increases production rates and reduces energy usage by eliminating corona treatment. It also has environmentally friendly features such as low VOC emissions and a non-ozone-destructive printing process. It is only offered in black. Colorcon, No-Tox Products Div., Chalfont, PA; 267/695-7700;

Prequalified Shippers

A manufacturer of temperature-controlled packaging offers a prequalified shipping container designed to maintain the 2–8°C temperature range for up to 48 hours. The TimeSaver 48 is reusable and features an inner box to house and protect the payload. The payload size capacity is 9 × 7 × 7 in. or 25 cu ft. Its weight capacity ranges from 0.18 to 4.26 lb. The shipper’s overall dimensions are 16 × 16 × 19 in. The insulating material consists of 2-in. expanded-polystyrene panels. The phase-change materials are crayon-gel packs. A certificate of qualification is included. TCP Reliable Inc., Edison, NJ; 732/346-9200;


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