Packaging Resource Center: The Latest in New Products

Vertical Cartoner

A cartoner features an orbital carton erector with positive carton prebreak, enabling fast, accurate carton erecting. The P120 can be manually loaded or used in automatic loading applications. It also features a clean, fall-through design with no product catch points. The balcony-style machine has nine feet of hand loading area and a large-capacity powered magazine. The P120 can accommodate tuck or glue closing. Changeover can be completed in less than 10 minutes. Serpa Packaging Solutions, Visalia, CA; 800/ 348-5453;

Unit-Dose Applicator

A company offers a unit-dose package designed to deliver a premetered dose of a liquid, cream, or gel. The Twist ‘n’ Do (J4U) is designed for topical and oral applications. The applicator and product remain separate until the point of use. The company offers a wide variety of package size and applicator materials and types. Sonic Packaging, Westwood, NJ; 201/666-4744;

Multipack Shrink Bundler

A company offers a multipack shrink bundler that can wrap any configuration of bottles, boxes, and odd-shaped items. The ILB24L-P features no-transfer wrapping that allows unstable-product multipacks to be produced. The machine can wrap items in configurations of 3, 6, 8, 10, or 12. It can run at speeds of up to 50 wraps per minute in a single lane or up to 100 wraps per minute in dual lanes. Adjustments are easily made using selector switches. Polypack Inc., Tampa Bay, FL; 727/578-5000;

UV Testing

A company has expanded its testing capabilities to include testing for UV characteristics. Testing accelerates exposure to UVA, UVB, and UVC wavelengths in order to measure UV attenuation through films as well as fading and discoloration of materials. Other applications include exposure to plastics, coatings, papers, and other materials. TCP Reliable, Edison, NJ; 732/346-9200;


Several models of rotary and reciprocating placer systems are offered by a company that can retrofit existing equipment or interface placers on new equipment applications. The six-head placer system features a horizontal flow-wrapper infeed. The reciprocating placer system features a pneumatic drive and a powered horizontal magazine. The two-head reciprocating placer was designed for deep-draw tray denesting. These machines are designed to reduce overall costs and improve line efficiency. Packaging Systems Automation Inc., Plymouth, MN; 763/473-1032;

Automatic Pouch-Handling System

An automatic pouch-handling system features a four-station rotary head and a Camco indexer for optimum production and operator performance. A specific task is accomplished at each station: the first station performs pouch setup from the magazine; the second, label, RFID, or bar code application; the third, manual or automatic product filling; and finally the fourth, sealing with optional date coding, gas flushing, or vacuum sealing. The Pouchpack system handles pouches up to 12 × 12 in. It also features a PLC control and can handle a wide variety of pouch materials. O/K International Corp., Marlborough, MA; 508/303-8286;


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