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Rotary Flexo System

A company offers a rotary flexographic printer designed for high print quality within a small footprint. The FlexoOne is capable of printing up to a 22-in. index. For two-color applications, the unit is small enough that it can be mounted in tandem with a second unit. It is capable of printing 2-point font type on Tyvek 1059B and 1073B so that more information can be printed on a label. The printer also features an ink-management system that automatically fills at start-up and automatically cleans itself after 30 minutes of idleness. A hybrid doctoring system is designed to eliminate ink spills. The autoshutdown mode purges the system. All rotating components feature sealed bearings. Morin Automation LLC, Forestville, CT; 860/585-1680;

Scientific Cleaners

A line of cleaners and detergents for pharmaceutical, biotechnological, and medical device applications cleaning is designed to handle residues such as insoluble coatings and slow-release active ingredients. Both Citranox—enhanced acid for insoluble residues—and Citrajet—low-foaming acid cleaners for insoluble residues and amphoteric protein cleaning—were specifically designed for cleaning process equipment like tablet presses and mixing tanks. The detergents are designed to eliminate crosscontamination as well as accumulated biomaterial residues on fermentation vessel agitation shafts, thermowells, harvest and sparger tubes, and the bevel tips of addition ports. Alconox Inc.,White Plains, NY; 914/948-4040;

Cling Stretch Film

A stretch film is designed to allow end-users running conventional cast or blown films to increase the machine stretch ratios to achieve lower wrapping costs per load. This also enables users to reduce their film gauges from 10 to 20%. Genesys is a multilayer cast, single-sided cling stretch film that can be used in high-speed automatic stretch wrappers. It offers high puncture resistance to provide secure wrapping for irregular loads. If the film is somehow punctured, it tears slowly, allowing stresses to relieve themselves and helping to prevent complete film web failure. The film’s cling strength is designed to securely hold the film tails on loads, even for long-term storage. And because the film is single sided, wrapped loads won’t stick together. The clarity of Genesys allows bar codes and package graphics to be seen clearly, enabling receivers of products to identify the contents or any shipping damage. Intertape Polymer Group Inc., Bradenton, FL; 800/ 474-8273;

Palletizer Stretch Wrapper

A single-station machine wraps cases by layers as they are palletized. Cases are oriented into interlocking or column-stacked loads as they enter the machine. The P-1000 automatic palletizing stretch wrapper can handle a wide variety of case shapes and sizes. Loads are built and wrapped on a turntable and then exited on pallets or slip sheets. Stable loads are created without tier sheets or bands. The palletizer can accommodate sift-sided bundles, open-top cases, shrinkbundled products, and tall lightweight cases. The machine’s maximum throughput is 40 boxes/per minute, depending on the size of the boxes, pattern of layers, and wrapping requirements. Pallets can be as large as 48 × 48 in., Louisville, KY; 800/866-0322;

Aseptic Bag Filling

A company offers aseptic bag filling to complement its line of bags and disposables for use in pharmaceutical manufacturing. The machine is capable of filling bag sizes from 100 ml to 29 L, with less than a minute needed for volume changeover. The company also offers custom-designed bags to support its aseptic filling technology, along with a variety of other components, including exit ports, tubing, and fitments and connections. The filling machine can be configured to eliminate clean-in-place (CIP) and sterilize-in-place (SIP) processes by using dis- posable bags and fluid-transfer sets. The integration of disposable bag systems into the production process reduces potential cross-contamination. Advanced Scientifics, Millersburg, PA; 717/692-2104; www.

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