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Flow-Tip Option

A supplier of single-use packaging and contract filling services offers its single-use tubes with an extreme directional flow (EDF) tip option that is designed to allow more-accurate dispensing and location of product flow. EDF tips are offered on all of the company’s single-use tubes, including multilayer polyethylene structures, Saran, and laminated foil. The supplier also offers its liquid Stick Pack single-use packaging, pictured above, in a foil-laminate, tubelike packette form. The tubes are available in sizes from 1 to 30 ml. The Stick Pack features a directional flow channel. High- level flexographic printing can be applied to the foil laminate. Unette Corp., Wharton, NJ; 973/328-6800;

Water-Based Adhesive

A water-based primer and adhesive is designed primarily for extrusion and lamination to clay-coated paper surfaces. Polaqua W7 provides resistance to water, oil, and grease. One gallon of undiluted Polaqua W7 is sufficient for 20 to 30 reams (60,000 to 90,000 sq ft) of paper substrate. After the product is applied to the substrate and dries, the extrudate, laminations, or printing inks bond to the primed surface. For added convenience, the treated substrate can be primed and rewound for use up to three months with no blocking or reduction in bond strength. ADM Tronics Unlimited Inc., Northvale, NJ; 201/767-6040;

Bar Code Verification System

A bar code verification system for use on slitters, rewinders, and filling lines is designed to ensure that all bar codes can be read and that all the bar codes on one roll are identical. The DM400 system is meant to eliminate rolls with multiple or incorrect bar codes to prevent misfilling or improper labeling. The system alerts the operator whenever a nonconforming bar code is found. It can be programmed to apply a cover-up label. The DM400 is designed to support all major bar code types. A system can comprise up to 10 scan heads for inspecting multiple rolls on the slitter. BST Pro Mark, Elmhurst, IL; 630/758-3112;

Desiccant with Security Tag

A desiccant that provides moisture and odor removal includes a security tag within the pouch. There is no outward indication of the security tag. The DrySpy PillowPak desiccant features an UltraMax EAS System security tag by Sensormatic (a division of Tyco Fire & Security, Boca Raton, FL). The PillowPak desiccant contains materials such as silica gel, clay, and molecular sieve or activated carbon within Tyvek spunbonded polyolefin packets. The packets are 1 in. wide × 2.75 in. long. The UltraMax tag is 0.4 in. wide × 1.76 in. long and is inserted into the PillowPak before the sachet is sealed. The manufacturer offers DrySpy as either individually cut bags or in continuous- strip form. The outer layer of the sachet is printed with food-grade ink. A standard “Do Not Eat” warning is printed in four languages. The presence of the security tag is not revealed. Custom printing is available. The DrySpy packs weigh from 0.25 to 4 g. Larger sizes are available by request. Desiccare Inc., Pomona, CA; 909/444-8272;

Linear Stages

A company offers 1.0-µ-resolution linear stages up to eight feet long. The company’s integration of a splined linear guide and leadscrew is designed to create a torsionally stiff stage that can be operated in either a horizontal or vertical axis. These stages are designed for pick-and-place, parts transfer, water-jet cutting, laser cutting and etching, inspection, testing, packaging, and assembly applications. The stages can handle loads up to 100 lb and speeds up to 30 in./sec. They can also be designed in compound multiaxis configurations, such as an x-y-z-axes gantry robot. A variety of stepper motors, dc brush and brushless motors, or ac motors can be mounted to the stage. Optional features and services include custom-linedrilled or tapped holes in the stage or carriage, end-of-travel limit switches that can disable the amplifier, linear encoders, cable carriers, and protective bellows. H2W Technologies Inc., Valencia, CA; 888/702-0540;

Wide Sealing Head

A company offers a sealing head designed to improve the sealing of wide-mouth containers. The wide sealing head is designed to efficiently heat caps with diameters from 58 to 130 mm. Conveyor speeds depend on the cap and liner construction as well as the container contents. Using a two-part liner material, the company achieves speeds in excess of 175 ft/min. without skewing the sealing head. Complete wax release and uniform sealing patterns around the lip of the container are also achieved. Smaller cap diameters can be sealed with the same head but at lower conveyor speeds. Lepel Corp., Edgewood, NY; 800/231-6008;

Easy-Tear Tip

Small tubes feature an iris tip that is easy to tear and provides directional control over the flow of product. The Easy-Tear Tip functions with a metering channel once the package has been opened. The channel opens when gently squeezed, and it closes when squeezing stops, protecting the product. The three-dimensional shape and flexible wall ensure complete dispensing. The Saran wrap film of the package body will not crease or pinhole. The package is designed with radio-frequency welding to help the package withstand potential abuse in handling. Unit Pack Company Inc., Cedar Grove, NJ; 973/239-4112;

Cotton-Alternative Filler

A company offers a polypropylene void filler as a clean, safe, and cost-reducing alternative to cotton. The filler is designed to prevent bacterial growth and reduce cotton-dust contamination in the production environment. The Cleanfil inserter replaces cotton with polypropylene off a continuous roll. Once the material is compressed, the polypropylene filler is inserted into the bottle void. The fully automatic Cleanfil fills up to 80 bottles/min. It can insert 26,000 pieces of filler before requiring a roll change. The machine is 30 in. wide × 33 in. deep × 64 in. high. It features permanently sealed and lubricated bearings, a brushless step motor, anodized aluminum parts, and PLC controls. Azco Corp., Fairfield, NJ; 973/439-1428;

Continuous-Strip Packets

A company offers desiccant packets that are manufactured in a continuous strip that is wound on a reel. Continu-Strip desiccants are designed for automatic loading to increase productivity. The desiccant strips feature a punched hole along the seal of each packet, which is detected by automated insertion machines for more-accurate placement of cuts between packets. The company also offers services to incorporate Continu-Strips into a product line for compatibility with existing equipment. Several types of desiccants are offered in the Continu-Strip reel form. This includes Sorb-It silica gel indicating packets that change from blue to pink to show if there is moisture in the package. Sphinx Adsorbents Inc., Springfield, MA; 413/736-5020;

Roll-Fed Labeling

Roll-fed film labeling features rotary-screen printing that provides a three-dimensional effect to enhance product packaging. PearlWrap is designed to provide a premium look and feel for less cost than traditional pressure-sensitive labeling. Combining UV flexographic with screen printing technologies, the film shimmers when it reflects light, giving graphics depth. PearlWrap does not need a laminate to protect graphics because of the ink technologies used by the manufacturer. The film is available in a range of thicknesses. It can be applied to glass bottles or jars and plastic containers. The Kennedy Group, Willoughby, OH; 440/951-7660;


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