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Tablet and Capsule Counter

An electronic tablet-and-capsule counter features a camera vision system that is designed to provide 100% product verification, enabling single tablet rejection. The Conta tablet counter’s system only rejects the faulty tablet, not the filled bottle. The machine is designed to handle all batch sizes and all shapes and sizes of tablets and capsules, without needing to change parts. It is fully automated; no operator is required. The manufacturer offers a range of counters, as well as tabletop and slat filling equipment. IMA Nova Packaging Systems, Leominster, MA; 800/ 851-1518;

Shrink Bundling System

A shrink bundling system uses a PLC-controlled shrink tunnel, combined with a wrapping module, on a frame measuring less than 12 ft long. The SB-2000 system with the ConvectAir tunnel wraps up to 30 transport packs per minute. It is designed to operate with low energy consumption and provide consistent package placement. It is designed for products shipped on corrugated trays, pads, or U-boards, or with film only. The belt-fed SB-2000 accommodates products up to
24 in. wide × 12 in. high, and in practically any length. The machine uses a cradle-type film-delivery system for convenient loading from the side without the need for mandrels. Positive film feed with a nip roller allows flying splices from the end of one roll to the start of the next roll to virtually eliminate film waste. The manufacturer’s Ever-Clean cross-seal system cuts and seals the film at the same time. The cross-seal bar uses separate heated surfaces for cutting and sealing. The ConvectAir shrink tunnel combines convection and radiant heating with a minimal flow of recirculating air produced by a variable-speed fan. The variable-speed fan allows tunnel performance to be adjusted to suit the type of film and packs being processed. The tunnel parameters are automatically adjusted by the PLC to maintain wrap quality as infeed rates change., Louisville, KY; 800/866-0322;

Interactive Display Package

A company offers rotating interactive custom packaging that showcases all sides of a product. The product is encased in a clear, 3-D rotating cavity that is centered within a two-dimensional plastic frame. The user can spin the cavity while holding the package. The free-moving center revolves around two plastic half-axles positioned 180° from each other at the top and bottom of the cavity. The frame houses the graphic insert card. Within this package, the entire product is visible from any angle. The package design was created specifically to catch consumer attention amidst other products in conventional packaging. Theft-resistance security measures are built into the package. The product is RF-sealed within the rotating chamber, requiring a knife or scissors for removal. The cavity cannot snap out of the package framework without extensive cutting. The concept of a package that induces the customer to pick it up and interact with it is meant to give the enclosed product an eye-catching edge over other products. AVC Corp., Torrance, CA; 310/533-5811;

Automatic Cottoner

An automatic cottoner can operate at speeds of up to 120 cotton, rayon, or polyester inserts per minute. Feed-screw indexing allows the machine to be changed over quickly, without tools, to accommodate various bottle sizes. The Capmatic Cotton Star can be set up to produce inverted-u-shaped insertions from 2 to 9 in. long. Capmatic Ltd., Montreal North, QC, Canada; 514/322-0062;

Insert Counter

A company offers an insert counter as part of its line of inspection products. The insert counter—part of the company’s automated visual information analysis (AVIA) product line—features a high-resolution camera-and-lens package, a uniform lighting system, and visual-information-processing software. The AVIA insert counter system captures and inspects boxes of inserts up to 12 × 24 in. in size in a single field of view. Up to eight rows, each containing up to 250 inserts, can be counted at one time. Custom configurations for different box sizes can be provided. The large field of view is designed to eliminate the need for multiple snapshots or multiple cameras to scan one box. The machine uses automated visual location and automated setup of scanning lines. It also features a verification mode that allows the operator to review results at a high magnification. Insert configurations can be stored in a data file. Job changeovers can be done in 30 seconds. Mnemonics Inc., Mt. Laurel, NJ; 856/234-0970;

Pouch-Sealing System

A pouch-sealing unit can seal pouches or rollstock with up to a 10-in.-wide opening. The ultrasonic pouch sealer is equipped with adjustable forces for developing sealing parameters. Benefits of the sealing system include the ability to seal through contaminated surfaces such as liquids, powders, or fibers, as well as the production of hermetic seals that are designed to result in fewer leaks. The shorter sealing and hot-tack times of this machine offer a potential increase in production line speeds. No preheating is required. Programming sealing parameters is fast and easy. Herrmann Ultrasonics Inc., Schaumburg, IL; 847/985-7344;

Printed Antenna

A printed RFID antenna uses conductive ink technology designed to deliver performance comparable to similarly sized traditional copper and aluminum antennas. The FleX Wing is designed to meet EPCglobal-compliant protocols, including Class 1, Class 0+, and Gen 2. The antenna functions at all UHF frequencies and measures 91 × 24 mm. The manufacturer offers FleX Wing as a printed antenna, an inlay, or a completed label. FleX Wing features a proprietary silver-based ink formulation for use on paper or film substrates. It can be used at the pallet, case, or item level. Precisia LLC, Ann Arbor, MI; 734/205-6600;


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