Machine Trade-In

A new rebuilding and reselling program is introduced to the market. The Manufacturer Certified Preowned business unit will offer a company’s same guarantee of quality. It will feature equipment maintained by mechanics who specialize in this company’s machinery, with genuine parts. A warranty will accompany the certified preowned machines, guaranteeing that the equipment has been inspected, tested, and restored to factory specifications. Multivac, Kansas City, MO; 816/801-3974;

PVC-Free Blister Film

A company has announced a new range of chloride-free films. The coextruded polypropylene and COC (cyclic olefin copolymer) films provide moisture barrier equivalent to PVdC-coated PVC films and offer up to 40% weight saving, according to the manufacturer. Upon incineration, the company says, the films release fewer toxins than PVC. Amcor Flexibles, Mundelein, IL; 847/362-9000;,

Blister Packager

A new blister packaging machine is on the market. The affordable, small footprint TF1 can produce up to 100 HUD blisters per minute, according to the manufacturer. Features standard on the machine include multizone contact heating, servo station actuation, seal pressure monitoring, HMI control of draw depth, as well as station pressure and servo indexing. Options include scanware table and print vision, various printer technologies and customer-specific feeder options. Micron PharmaWorks Inc., Odessa, FL; 727/232-8200;

Airflow Sensor

A company has released a new digital air flow sensor. The SUNX FM-200 series is a bidirectional digital flow sensor for use with air or nitrogen gas. It offers high-precision and high-speed response in an ultrasmall package by utilizing MEMS (micro electro mechanical system) technology. The series covers a wide range of flow rates and has a wide range of I/O options standard, such as dual discrete outputs, an analog voltage output, and an external input. Panasonic Electric Works Corp., 877/624-7872;

High-Barrier Film

A new film provides high-barrier packaging material. Distributed worldwide, Perlalux Tristar Ultra is an alternative to PCTFE films, in terms of moisture and oxygen barrier, used for pharmaceutical push-through capsules, pills, suppositories, and tablets. It is made in ISO certified, GMP facilities in Germany, Switzerland, and the United States. Perlen Converting LLC, Whippany, NJ; 973/887-0257;

Flowmeter Filler

A company has a new liquid filling machine. The Purefil 1000 Walking Beam flow meter filler is servo-driven and features a fill accuracy of up to 0.25%, programmable product recipes created and stored in the central control system, and speeds of up to 300/min, according to the manufacturer. It also handles fill volume requirements from small vials to gallon containers, and all manner of viscosity due to its broad nozzle array. HealthStar Inc., 800/545-3639;

Spray Packages

A company introduces pocket-sized, leak-proof spray packages. LS Portables can be filled on all standard filling lines without the need for holding pucks. Actuators or closures snap into place to positively seal the packages with three locking rings. L&S Packaging, DelRay Beach, FL; 561/495-0028;

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