Packaging Resource Center: The Latest in Lidding and Trays

Thick-Gauge Lidstock

A polyester/foil/heat-seal-coated polyethylene is designed for physically demanding applications such as orthopedic parts, cardio kits, diagnostics, and other heavier medical device and sterile medical disposable items. The Flexi 6864 lidstock has been engineered to heat seal to thermoformed trays made from a variety of materials. The lidstock features 75-gauge polyester and a 1-mm foil layer to create a barrier against oxygen and moisture. The manufacturer also has a 10-color flexo press that enables reverse printing on the polyester layer for high color resolution. Ampac Flexibles, Cary, IL; 847/639-3530;

Top Webs

A manufacturer offers top webs that are compatible with gamma radiation, EtO, E-beam, ozone gas, and other common sterilization methods. The Ultimate Top Web (UTW) and other top web materials are available in master roll form, which can help reduce turnaround time for critical trials. The UTW products are designed to provide a forgiving range of seal temperatures to produce wide, flat seal curves. The four types of UTW offered are blown films, paper/film laminations, air-knife-coated Tyvek, and air-knife-coated reinforced paper. Alcan Packaging— Medical Flexibles Americas, Chicago, IL; 773/399-8450;

Vacuum-Formed Trays

A company specializes in prototype and short-run vacuum forming of kit packs and cases and trays for products like catheters. Design and production of molds can be completed in a few weeks. The company uses software and CNC machining equipment to produce composite or cast prototype molds and aluminum production molds. It can create products in polypropylene, polyethylene, APET, and PETG. Plastic & Metal Center Inc., Laguna Hills, CA; 949/770-8230;

Zone-Coated Lids

A company offers zone-coated lids designed to reduce the risk of product contamination by eliminating adhesive exposure to the device. The company uses a release liner-coating process that allows for control of the amount of adhesive in a specified zone to create the Osurance lids. The hot-melt-adhesive process ensures the integrity of the seal along the controlled area of the package flange. Oliver Medical, Grand Rapids, MI; 616/456-7711;

Lidding Film

A peelable lidding film designed for all common plastic trays and cups is made of heat-sealable polyester. Transparent PET LumiLid XL5 lidding film can seal to APET, APET-coated board, CPET, PP, HDPE, and HIPS. It is made without solvents and leaves no sealant residue when the lid is peeled off the tray. It provides moisture and barrier protection but can be enhanced with metallization or PVdC coating. The film also has a broad sealant range. Corona treating on the nonsealant side of the film can provide a stable and clean surface for printed graphics. Toray Plastics (America) Inc., North Kingstown, RI; 401/294-4511;


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